How about investing a portion of your federal tax return check in a fresh smartphone? You can buy a low-priced, unlocked smartphone from NUU Mobile – with great cameras, a powerful operating system and plenty of battery – for a lot less than you might think.

Smartphones have come a long way in just a couple years. Now even budget phones feature multiple cameras, high-tech communications like Android Pay, and batteries that last all day. Think about using a portion of your tax return this year to:

Owning your own unlocked smartphone gives you options.  With a NUU Mobile phone in your hand, you can save money by shopping for the network service deal that fits your budget best. When you have an unlocked phone, you aren’t wedded to any particular service provider.

NUU Mobile Smartphones: Affordable, Unlocked Phones for Your Family

NUU Mobile offers smartphones designed for every member of your family. From starter phones to high-powered workhorses, NUU Mobile has perfect, affordable options for everyone who needs to stay in touch and connected.

“At NUU Mobile, we believe everyone should have access to the amount of power, style and the technology they need at a price they can afford,” says senior vice president Tim Clemens.

NUU Mobile’s line-up of high-quality, lower-priced smartphones includes:

A5l Phone Tax

A5L. The A5L is a practical, low-cost, budget phone featuring a larger 5.5-inch screen, fingerprint ID, and Android’s new Oreo Go. Like most NUU Mobile smartphones, it also offers dual SIM card slots, allowing you to easily switch between two numbers and data plans. List price: $79.99

A6l Phone Tax

A6L. Optimized for Sprint’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program, the A6L offers clear 4G LTE communications on Sprint’s network at a seriously low price. The A6L runs on Android Oreo Go, has cameras front and back, and 1 GB RAM. List price: $79.99

G1 Phone Tax

G1. For people who want a no-frills, reliable smartphone, the G1 fits the bill. Features front and rear cameras, 4GLTE connectivity and a battery that lasts all day. Great starter phone at a great price. List price: $99.99

R1 Phone Tax

R1. Crafted with military-grade components, the R1 is a rugged smartphone designed for outdoor life. Waterproof and dustproof, it’s protected by a rubberized body. Dual cameras and lots of battery. List price: $149.99

G3 Phone Tax

G3. NUU Mobile’s flagship smartphone features powerful dual cameras and lots of memory, available in a range of luscious colors. Runs Android Oreo, with dual SIMs and fingerprint security. Mid-range technology at a bargain price. List price: $199.99

G3+ Phone Tax

G3+. Same technology as the G3, but with a larger 4,000 MHz battery. Built to last all day, the powerful G3+ comes in a new color, Onyx Black. List price: $229.99

G4 Phone Tax

G4. Available for purchase later this spring, the G4 won Android Authority’s Spotlight Award at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show. Runs Android Pie, with 3,750 MHz battery and fast, wireless charging. List price: Will start at $249.99

Now You Can File Your Federal Tax Returns on Your Smartphone

Speaking of smartphones and taxes, did you know you can file your tax returns using your smartphone? The two most popular tax-refund services, H&R Block® and TurboTax®, each offer free apps that let you file your simple tax returns for free using your smartphone.

The apps let you upload a photo of your completed 1040EZ W-2 form, so you don’t have to re-type the information. Both companies also offer paid services that include tax consultations via video and filing assistance. The free tax-help apps, which also are available for your tablet, include:

If you choose to file your taxes using your smartphone, make sure you delete the photo of your W-2 from your phone once you’ve filed. You don’t want anyone who gains temporary access to your phone to see or copy your W-2 information.

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