How to Get Free Unlimited Photo Storage on Android Smartphones

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Available via web browser and the Google Photos app, Google Photos used to be a hidden part of Google+. As the company moves further away from that platform, the benefits become more easily accessible to all. To begin using Google Photos, all you need is to set up an account with a Google email address.

What is a Dual Camera on a Smartphone?

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What is a dual camera? To put it simply, it is a smartphone that has two camera sensors that work in unison to create one image. Usually, the main camera captures the image, and then the second camera helps add complexity to the photo, usually in the form of the depth of field. How these two cameras work together and what features they produce depends heavily on the manufacturer of the phone and the software they have developed.

What’s the Difference between an 18:9 and 16:9 Smartphone Screen?

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Screen aspect ratio is not the same as display size, though. Actual display size is calculated by measuring diagonally across the screen. Most smartphones these days range from a 5.5” to a 6” display. By adjusting the screen aspect ratio, smartphone producers are able to increase the total display area, without increasing the size of the phone to the point where using it is inconvenient.

X5 Smartphone – premium features under $200

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Being connected is a must. Smartphones need to be fast and reliable. Market leaders have convinced us that well-designed phones that are truly fast and reliable are only available at the $800+ range; this is simply not true.

Black Friday Deals: Android Smartphones That Won’t Break the Bank

Every year, shops and sites mark down thousands of items on Black Friday, but what if there was already a high-quality product that was priced well below the competition every day of the year? Add a Black Friday discount on top of that and you’d be living the dream!

How Smartphone Apps Have Changed Our Lives

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Smartphone apps especially have changed our lives in numerous ways, and it stretches beyond just our Internet speeds. The Google Play store has more than 3 million apps for Android smartphones, and that number continues to grow, infiltrating both our personal and professional lives in many ways.

NUU Mobile Tips #01 – Android TalkBack

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One of the functions built into the Android operating system is the accessibility feature Google calls TalkBack. This feature helps vision-impaired usersadditional feedback that helps them interact with the device. It gives audible feedback to let you know what is on your screen or what you are touching. This means that the phone will operate differently than most people are accustomed to.

Best Educational Apps for Smartphones 2017

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No matter the age, students can learn in and out of the classroom, all thanks to the computers in the palm of their hands. Smartphones removed barriers to information, and have allowed individuals to become subject masters. So as you or your children gear up for the school year, what are the best educational apps available on Android smartphones?

Best Phones for International Travel – NUU Mobile Smartphones & Devices

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For those that are planning on an extended stay overseas, staying connected is a number one priority. However, cellular plan providers worldwide have yet to agree on terms that would make life easier for international travelers. As it stands, each country requires a different SIM card, making that backpacking trip around Europe a little more difficult.