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Quick Start Guides and Phone User Manuals

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I insert my SIM card?
    • For detailed steps, consult the Quick Start Guide or the Phone User Manual for your model phone, which are listed at the top of this page.

      Briefly, though, inserting a SIM works like so:

      1. Power off the phone
      2. Carefully pry open the case
      3. Remove the battery
      4. Insert the SIM according to the diagram
      5. Put the battery back in
      6. Power on the phone
  • I can't get a signal.
    • This is likely related to your SIM card or network availability. If your signal is very weak, contact your carrier to make sure they have enough coverage in the area. This will help eliminate the carrier as a variable.

  • What steps should I follow if I get no signal at all?
      1. Double check to make sure your SIM card is inserted properly as displayed on the phone.
      2. If you are using a SIM card adapter, you may need to contact your wireless provider to get the properly sized SIM card.
      3. Verify your SIM card has clean contacts.
      4. Verify your APN settings are correct as per your carrier’s requirements.
      5. Make sure Data is turned on by going to SETTINGS and turning on Mobile Data.
  • Why won't my phone receive any picture messages or data?
    • Check to make sure your PREFERRED SIM SETTINGS are set to the correct SIM card slot. You can verify this by tapping SETTINGS> Dual SIM settings.

  • I can't send any picture messages (MMS). What should I do?
      1. Clear the cache for the Messenger app. To do this, go to Settings > Apps. Swipe left until you bring up the All Apps column. Scroll down and find the Messaging app. Tap the Clear Cache button. Do NOT press the Clear Data button as this will destroy your messaging history.
      2. Add a “1” to the beginning of the number you are sending the MMS to. Instead of (###)###-####, change the number in contacts to 1(###)###-####
      3. Contact your service provider to verify you are using the correct APN setting and your SIM card is working properly.
      4. Check with your service provider to ensure that their network allows unlocked phones to send MMS.
  • I can't send any picture messages (MMS) on my F1. What should I do?
    • From the main screen go to MENU -> SMS -> MMS -> then scroll down to 6. MESSAGE SETTINGS -> and then 1. SERVER PROFILE. Choose the SIM card you want to use to send message. If you only have 1 SIM card installed, there will only be one choice. On that Screen choose the profile that matches your carrier. (AT&T MMS, T Mobile MMS, etc) – > Then choose 1.ACTIVATE PROFILE.

  • My NUU Mobile Smartphone will not turn on.
      • Hold the Power button for 2 seconds
      • Make sure your unit is plugged in and charging
      • Verify the battery is properly installed
  • I cannot access my phone because I forgot the unlock code.
    • If you set up your Google account on your phone, you can access Google’s Android Device Manager ( in order to forcibly reset your Lock screen password.

      If all else fails, contact Technical Support and we can help you factory-reset the phone. Please have your police paperwork handy.

  • My NUU Mobile phone battery does not seem to be lasting as long as I expected.
      • Check to see how many apps you have running as this can quickly drain your battery.
      • Go to SETTINGS > DEVICE > BATTERY for a list of which apps use how much battery. You may need to adjust app settings to compensate.
      • You can use the “Recent Apps” Menu to close your apps. Making this a common habit will greatly increase your battery usage.
      • You can expect your NUU Mobile Smartphone to get you through the work day with moderate to heavy usage. Below is the expected battery life for each phone:
  • What models support USB On-The-Go (OTG)?
    • The Z8 supports USB OTG, but previous models do not.

  • How can I update my phone's software?
    • On your home screen, tap “Settings”. Scroll down and select “About Phone”. Then tap “System Update”. If updates are available, you’ll see them here.

  • How do I take screenshots?
    • Press and hold the Volume – button and Power button simultaneously for 1 second. You will see the screen flash and the captured screenshot will appear in notifications if you have them turned on

  • My phone seems to be running very slow.
      • Close any apps you are not using, as many background apps can take up valuable resources required for speedy operation.
      • You can also go to SETTINGS > APPLICATIONS and move some applications to the MicroSD Card to help free up space.
      • There are many 3rd party apps that can help monitor usage and ensure unnecessary apps are not running.
  • Will rooting my phone void the 1 year Limited Warranty?
    • We do not recommend that you root your phone, as we can only offer technical support of the factory-installed operating system. In the event rooting your phone causes your device to become unusable, please call technical support so they can help you attempt to factory-reset your phone.

      Please Note: You will lose all data with a factory reset, but it is a last resort to resolving your phone issues.

  • What is your warranty & return policy?
    • We offer a 1 year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty on all NUU Mobile devices. The included battery has a 1 year Limited Warranty.

      Click to check NUU Warranty
      Click to check NUU Return Policy

      If you purchased directly from, you have 14 days to return the product. There will be a 15% restocking fee on all NUU Mobile products.

      If you purchased from a retailer, you must follow their return policy. NUU Mobile cannot give you a refund or accept your return if you purchased from someone other than

  • What should I do if my NUU Mobile Smartphone is defective out of the box?
    • Contact Technical support immediately @ 844-688-3365. Please have your proof of purchase handy, as it will be required for any mail-in service or replacement.

      We will troubleshoot to resolve your issue, or we will make sure we get you a NEW replacement sent out immediately. Usually you will have your replacement phone the next business day!

      Do not worry about return shipping of your defective product, we will provide you with a prepaid return label.

  • Do I need to provide a proof of purchase to get warranty support?
    • We may ask you a couple of questions when you call in to verify your device is covered. Generally your serial number is all we need to verify the product warranty, but you should have your proof of purchase handy just in case.

      In the event you purchased the unit second hand, we are still happy to offer you technical support over the phone, and we will quote any needed repairs.

  • What types of issues are not covered by the warranty?
    • If user damage is the cause of your problems, your warranty would be void. User damage includes but is not limited to water damage, broken touch screens and damaged ports.

  • Can I get service after my warranty expires or if I broke my phone and it is not covered under warranty?
  • What are unlocked smartphones?
    • Many wireless service providers put software “locks” on smartphones to ensure the devices can only be used on specific networks. This limits the user’s ability to use the device on a competing network unless it is unlocked. Unlocked smartphones do not have restrictive software locks, allowing consumers to choose network providers the same way they choose devices: based on price and features.

      NUU Mobile’s unlocked Android™ smartphones provide an alternative option to rigid, long-term contracts for mobile consumers by offering smartphones with the latest technology, increased flexibility and exceptional quality at more accessible prices.

  • Why do carriers lock phones?
    • Devices sold through service providers are often heavily discounted in exchange for a required contract, often years in length and subject to termination fees if the customer decides to cancel. Software locks ensure the devices will be active for a specific period of time on the network of the provider that has subsidized the device purchase price.

      Unlocked smartphones from NUU Mobile allow for portability between most networks at an affordable price, without sacrificing quality or performance. NUU Mobile offers a variety of models for every need and budget – from the entry-level NU2S and NU3S to the lifestyle-minded X1 and new X3 models, or the luxury Z8.

  • Why should I use an unlocked smartphone?
    • The biggest advantage of having an unlocked phone is the freedom to choose a carrier without signing a long-term contract. This is especially attractive for consumers who like to “shop around” for the best carrier deals and don’t want to be restricted by costly termination fees.

      NUU Mobile unlocked smartphones are perfect for people who are new to smartphones, want the freedom to choose a carrier without a long-term contract, or want all the features of an expensive brand at a more reasonable price.

  • Can I keep my existing carrier with an unlocked smartphone?
    • That depends on which carrier you’re using. Different carrier networks use different technologies for connectivity, and these technologies vary by region and country. Because each network is different, your device may not work across all carriers, or certain features may not work well (if at all).

      NUU Mobile unlocked Android smartphones are compatible with major North American carrier networks, including T-Mobile, AT&T, Lyca Mobile, MetroPCS, Net10 Wireless, StraightTalk, Cricket Wireless and many more. Visit our website for a full list of compatible carriers.

  • Will an unlocked smartphone work on all carrier networks?
    • No. Your device must be compatible with the network technology used by the carrier. The two most common network technologies used in the U.S. are GSM and CDMA. Devices are optimized to work with service providers’ specific networks and will not work across non-compatible networks.

      NUU Mobile unlocked Android smartphones use GSM network technologies.

  • Are unlocked smartphones the same as 'prepaid' phones?
    • No. For prepaid phones, it’s the carrier network costs that are prepaid. Prepaid devices are tied to a specific network and carrier, while unlocked phones can be activated on any compatible network.

  • Do unlocked smartphones support the most recent Android OS versions?
    • It depends on the model selected. Newer unlocked devices like the NUU Mobile X3 are built on the Android™ KitKat 4.4 operating system and will be upgradeable to Lollipop 5.0, while older devices may not be updateable.

      NUU Mobile uses the most current Android™ OS when manufacturing their devices; phones are currently being manufactured with Android™ 5.0 Lollipop.

  • Do unlocked smartphones have the same features as expensive Android models?
    • Absolutely! Depending on the model and price, unlocked Android™ smartphones from NUU Mobile are available with high-quality front and rear cameras, speedy microprocessors, dual SIM cards, expandable microSD™ memory slots and removable lithium-polymer batteries.

  • Do unlocked smartphones offer the same speed and connectivity as other models?
    • Yes. Depending on the carrier network technology, unlocked smartphones offer the same connection speed and performance as locked devices. The NUU Mobile X3 and X1 have full 4G LTE compatibility and speedy Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 1.2 GHz Quad Core processors, comparable to the big-name brands.

  • Will my unlocked smartphone work internationally?
    • Maybe. International calling features depend on the carrier network, the country where you’ll be using the device and whether you want voice, data or both. Because unlocked smartphones can be used on a variety of carrier networks, it’s always best to check with the carrier about international connectivity.

  • How do I change the volume of the ringer? How do I change the volume of a call?
    • To adjust the volume of the ringer, go to Menu > Settings > Profiles > Normal > Customize > Volume > Ring Tone.

      To change the volume during a call, use the directional button (the silver ring at the top of the keypad) and press up or down. You’ll see a volume meter that you can adjust.

      Note that you cannot adjust volume settings for the Silent Mode profile.

  • The F1 makes noise every time it’s flipped open! How do I stop that?
    • Place the F1 in silent mode. To do so, go to Menu > Settings > Profiles > Silent Mode > Activate

  • How do I change the ringtone?
    • Doing this requires an active SIM card to be installed and recognized. If you can make calls on your F1, you will be able to change the ringtone.

      To change the ringtone used for all incoming calls:

      1. Go to Settings
      2. Open Profiles
      3. Open the Normal profile (press “options”)
      4. Select Customize
      5. Choose Tone Settings
      6. Choose “SIM X incoming call” where X is the number of the slot in which you’ve put the SIM card
      7. Select from the three available options at the top of the list
      8. Once selected, press the End Call button to get back to the main screen

      To change the ringtone to a custom audio file:

      You may only use MP3 files for this.

      • Go to MENU, then SETTINGS
      • Select PROFILES
      • Choose the profile you would like to apply the custom ringtone to. In most cases, this will be the Normal profile.
      • Select OPTIONS
      • Select 2. CUSTOMIZE
      • Select 1. TONE SETTINGS
      • Select SIM1 incoming call (or SIM2 if card is in SIM2)
      • There will be a list of 8 different ringtones to choose from. Since this is the first time you are customizing the ringtone, select one of the EMPTY Slots
      • Select REPLACE
      • Then chose FROM CARD, since the saved the audio file to the SD Card.
      • Browse to the file you saved on the card, and then choose SELECT.
      • Choose SET AS RINGTONE
      • Done!
  • How do I add a contact?
    • Menu > Contacts > Create Contact

      Choose where you prefer to store the contact—on the SIM card or on the phone’s internal storage. (The SIM card is the usual choice for most people)

      You’ll then see a screen that looks like this:


      Field 1 is where you enter the contact name. Field 2 is where you enter the contact’s phone number. Field 3 is where you select the contact’s caller group, if any.

      To enter the name, highlight field 1 and press the menu button. Enter the name using the keypad. If you only get numbers when you press the keypad, choose OPTIONS > INPUT METHOD and choose MULTITAP ABC

      Once the name is entered press the menu button again and choose DONE.

      Now fill out the phone number in the same way.

      When you’re done, make sure to SAVE by selecting YES when prompted.

  • How do I add a number to Speed Dial?
    • In order to add a contact to speed dial, go to Menu > Settings > Phone > Speed Dial.
      Change the Status to On, then go to Set Number.
      Highlight the numbered slot that you want to set as a Speed Dial number, then go to Options > Edit.
      Select the number you wish to add to this speed dial.

  • Does the F1 get 3G reception?
    • No, the F1 is 2G only.

  • Does the F1 have an FM radio?
    • Yes, you can set up to five preset stations.

  • What’s that blue RM icon at the top?
    • It indicates that the phone is currently roaming.

  • How do I check voicemail?
    • Press and hold the 1 key on the keypad.

  • How do I make the F1 silent when it powers on?
    • In order to adjust the bootup sound, go to Menu > Settings > Profiles > Normal > Customize > Tone Settings > Power On. Change it to silent mode.

  • I want to reset the phone to factory defaults.
    • Go to Settings > Reset. Enter 1234 then press the Menu button. Click YES to confirm. When you see the DONE prompt, the phone will reboot.

      This erases all settings and all information stored on the phone. This cannot be reversed, so do this with caution.

  • How do I remove all call logs?
    • You’ll need to factory reset the phone. See previous entry.

  • I forgot my security code!
    • There is no way to bypass this security feature. NUU Mobile recommends writing down your code and storing it in a safe, secure place when setting it up.

  • Can I set the F1 so that it doesn’t automatically answer a call when flipped open?
    • Yes. This option can be changed per-profile. To do so, go to Settings > Profiles.

      For example, if you want the Normal profile to answer the call only with a press of the keypad and not when you flip open the phone. With the Normal profile selected, go to OPTIONS, then CUSTOMIZE, then ANSWER MODE.

      There are two options, Cover Answer and Any Key. Each has a circle next to it. If the circle has a dot within, then that option is selected and active. Both can be active at the same time. In this case, select Cover Answer and press the menu button to remove its dot. This will prevent the phone from answering when flipped open.

  • I’ve just installed a SIM and the signal seems kinda low!
    • This can take a while. Just plug the phone in and let it hang tight while initial contact is made with the carrier network.

  • Does the F1 have Wi-Fi?
    • No.

  • Does the F1 have Bluetooth?
    • Yes.

  • Does the F1 have a headphone jack?
    • Yes, the F1 has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

  • Can I play MP3 files on the F1?
    • Yes. You must store the MP3s on a microSD card. Place them into a folder named “My Music” in the root level of the card.

      To access the audio player, go the main menu, then MEDIA. Choose the Audio Player, then List. If it says” From Card” at the top, your files will be listed there. If it says “From Phone” keep going on to the next three steps to change where the player looks for music.
      Choose FROM CARD (rather than from phone) and hit SELECT
      The files will now be visible.

  • How do I send a text message?
    • To send a text message from scratch, do the following:

      1. Power on the phone
      2. Press the Menu/Action button
      3. Select SMS
      4. Select Create Message
      5. Type your message using the keypad (the number at the top left is the number of remaining characters you can use)
      6. When finished, press Menu/Action
      7. Select “SIMx Done”, where x is the number of the SIM card you want to use to send the message. (As in, SIM slot #1 and #2—you probably only have a single card installed)
      8. Select “Send”
      9. Type in the full number you wish to send to, including the 1 at the beginning
      10. Press the Menu/Action button to send

      At that point, the phone will attempt to send the message.

      Replying to an incoming message is similar. Instead of “Create Message”, you select the “Inbox”, pick the phone number and then the message you want to read, and the Options menu will have a Reply selection that works pretty much like the Send bits above, where you write your reply, select your SIM, and send it.

  • I’m not sure my F1 is connecting to the carrier network properly. How do I check?
    • The SIM card’s network preferences may not be set properly. This is pretty easy to check. Press the Menu button, then go to Settings > Network using the directional pad. In Network, open the SIM1/SIM2 (whichever slot your card is in) item. In Network Selection, change the setting to Auto. When it’s done registering, go back a screen and then open Band Selection. Change that to Auto, too. When it’s done, power off the phone. Power it back on and then wait for the phone to reconnect.

  • What size SIM card does the F1 use?
    • Mini only.

  • Can I make international calls with the F1?
    • On most carriers, this is done by starting the number with the + sign. Here’s how:

      Power up the phone
      Wait until it shows you the Home screen
      Press the * key twice in rapid succession to make a + symbol
      The dialer will show up, with the + symbol already entered
      Enter the rest of the international phone number and press the dial key to dial the number

      International calls may be restricted by carrier, your plan, or your carrier may have a different sequence of keys instead of + to dial in front of the number. Check your carrier’s plans and technical documentation for any specifics!

  • Does the F1 have a speakerphone?
    • Yes. You can activate it during a call by using the “H-Held/H-Free” toggle button that’s show during a call. Pressing it switches between those modes.

  • What kind of speakerphone does the F1 have?
    • The F1 uses an earpiece speakerphone.

  • Does a call end if the phone is closed during a speakerphone call?
    • Yes.

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