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Press Releases

G3 Smartphone Release

Up your game with a smart move – discover the NUU G3 Android Smartphone.


The NUU Mobile G3 smartphone – designed to become an extension of yourself, will allow you to communicate and navigate seamlessly with the most advanced technology available. Start up with the touch of a finger as the digital sensor recognizes your fingerprint instantly. VoLTE technology makes sure that your conversation is clear and intelligible. - read more | download


NUU and the Ronaldinho Globe Street Team – Partners in Sport.


NUU Mobile is bringing the Ronaldinho Globe Street Team to Miami to promote and participate in a street soccer tournament. The Ronaldinho Globe Street Cup will take place in Miami in 2018. - read more | download

X5 Smartphone Pr

X5 Smartphone – premium features under $200


Being connected is a must. Smartphones need to be fast and reliable. Market leaders have convinced us that well-designed phones that are truly fast and reliable are only available at the $800+ range; this is simply not true. - read more | download

NUU Videos

G Series Android Phones
X5 4G LTE Android Smartphone
M3 Android Smartphone
NUU Mobile Quality
NUU Mobile Gloria Hotel Launch
NUU Mobile X4 Unlocked Smartphone
Intro to Konnect i1 Global Roaming Device
NUU Konnect i1 Global Roaming Device by NUU Mobile


Ronaldinho Globe Street Cup

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