Dear NUU Mobile Supporters,

At NUU Mobile, we pride ourselves on bringing to our customers the best technology that the mobile industry has to offer, in unique smartphones that represent premium quality at unmatched value.

With this pride, we hold ourselves to that premium standard of quality which our customers have come to expect from us, and this is a part of the value in purchasing a phone from NUU Mobile.

Over the past year, we had been working on a follow-up to our critically-acclaimed G3 flagship, dubbed “G4”, which you, our fanbase, and indeed ourselves, had been excited about.

Unfortunately, progress on the development of G4 did not reach our expectations, and we arrived at a point where taking more time wouldn’t have made any sense, for you, or for us.

We wish to stress to all of you that we remain committed to bringing you the very best value in new smartphone technology that is characteristic of NUU Mobile products. We have several new projects on the horizon, including a few quite close to release, so please keep watching us for upcoming announcements.


The NUU Mobile team