NUU Mobile Tips #01 – Android TalkBack

One of the functions built into the Android operating system is the accessibility feature Google calls TalkBack. This feature helps vision-impaired usersadditional feedback that helps them interact with the device. It gives audible feedback to let you know what is on your screen or what you are touching. This means [...] read more...


Best Educational Apps for Smartphones 2017

No matter the age, students can learn in and out of the classroom, all thanks to the computers in the palm of their hands. Smartphones removed barriers to information, and have allowed individuals to become subject masters. So as you or your children gear up for the school year, what [...] read more...


When Will 5G be Available for Mobile Phones?

Mobile phones and technology have been advancing in leaps and bounds since they became commonplace in the typical consumer’s life. Internet service providers and mobile phone companies alike have been working both cooperatively and competitively to continue that advancement of technology. Up next on the docket? The 5G network.


Why Your Smartphone Doesn’t Work Abroad

In the U.S., there are two different types of mobile phone networks: GSM and CDMA. Around the mid-90s, CDMA was the newest technology as phone service carries switched from analog to digital. At the time, CDMA was leaps and bounds ahead of GSM in terms of quality and capabilities. One [...] read more...


4 Things You Need to Know about Wi-Fi Hotspots

More than 7 billion Wi-Fi enabled devices are in use worldwide. That number has steadily increased over the past few years as the global population becomes more mobile, but maintains a need to stay constantly connected. Internet connections are easy enough to come by in homes and apartments, but they [...] read more...


NUU Mobile Konnect i1 launches Kickstarter Campaign.

Targeting the global travelers, NUU Mobile has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring an enterprise market device directly to consumers. With aggressive early-adopter pricing, NUU Mobile is hoping to capture those travelers looking for 4G LTE data in over 100+ countries.