An Update to Our Friends of NUU Mobile

First and foremost, we hope you are healthy and staying safe. We are thankful for your loyalty and care tremendously about you, the NUU Mobile team and our communities. As the COVID-19 crisis evolves, NUU Mobile is adjusting in compliance to the “Shelter in Place” order from Dallas County.


How Good is 3GB RAM in a New Smartphone Today?

Put very simply, RAM (or random access memory) is the part of your phone where your apps go to play once they’ve been loaded up. As a type of memory, RAM is much faster than the memory where apps are permanently stored (referred to as storage, ROM, or in older, [...] read more...



NUU Mobile Phone X6 Now Available

Sporting a capable 3GB of RAM, an extended screen with a 5-megapixel front camera in a water drop-style notch, dual 13-megapixel/VGA sensors on the back, and stock Android Pie, the X6 retails for only $99.99.


Budget-Friendly Smartphones Perfect for Every Lifestyle

Each year, a new smartphone is released and creates a new demand for an extremely expensive product. Most times, the average consumer buys a phone with more capabilities than they’ll ever need. Depending on who, how often and where you communicate, different smartphones will fit your lifestyle. We’ve compiled a [...] read more...


Top 5 Apps for Finding Events in NYC

It’s the question on the tip of everyone’s tongue: what are we going to do tonight? While going out to eat is a good standby, and there’s usually at least one good movie playing in theaters, repeating this night after night throughout the year can become dull and monotonous.


R1 Rugged Smartphone: Ready for Outdoor Work or Play

Whether you camp out, work construction or are just generally hard on phones, the new rugged R1 is what you’ve been looking for. Don’t worry about dropping the device, or getting it wet or dirty. The military-grade R1 smartphone also provides you with 4G LTE connectivity, carries cameras front and [...] read more...