Android smartphone users may actually already have this app installed on their devices.

Picture this: you’re on the vacation of your dreams. You’ve saved up for a few years and you are finally taking the trip on your bucket list. Everything was a dream: airport security was a breeze, the flight was smooth and the hotel was better than you imagined. When you get back, you reach in your pocket to find your house keys and pull them out… and your phone unexpectedly follows. In an instant, your phone (and memories of your vacation) shatters into pieces

Nearly all of us have been there or know someone who has. For all the convenience that smartphones have brought into our lives, their demise has become that much more devastating. Among the most disappointing events is losing your precious pictures of vacations, children and friends. Now more than ever, it’s extremely important to have a backup (and sometimes a secondary backup) of your pictures as they are nearly impossible to recover once lost.

But for those that take full advantage of having advanced cameras with us at every moment, it can be hard to find large enough photo storage options. Enter Google Photos.

Google Photos

Available via web browser and the Google Photos app, Google Photos used to be a hidden part of Google+. As the company moves further away from that platform, the benefits become more easily accessible to all. To begin using Google Photos, all you need is to set up an account with a Google email address.

How to Upload to Google Photos

If you are using your computer to store your photos, it’s as simple as drag-and-drop from your desktop to the web browser. But many of us have made the switch away from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones.

For mobile users, download the Google Photos app in the Play store. You can either set up an automatic sync or choose another upload option. Android smartphone users may actually already have this app installed on their devices.

When uploading photos, make sure you select “high quality” unless they are from a DSLR camera. This keeps photo storage *unlimited and free, and the photos are still up to 16 MB in size. Videos in 1080p or less can also be stored in Google Photos.

Easier Sorting and Sharing

A unique feature of Google Photos is that it analyzes the photos you have uploaded. Your pictures will appear in the order they have been uploaded, but after your albums have been analyzed, you can use the search bar to find animals, landscapes, etc.

And with your photos stored online, it’s even easier to share with family and friends. Send a link to an album or a single picture through whatever platform you like most: email, social media or messenger services.

Now that you know how to safely and securely store all of your photos, you can snap away to your heart’s delight. But if your phone’s camera isn’t up to snuff, check out the NUU Mobile G3. With dual cameras, a 13 MP front camera and expandable memory, you’ll be shooting like a pro for a fraction of the cost.

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*Free storage at high quality, requires Google account and internet connection.

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