It’s the question on the tip of everyone’s tongue: what are we going to do tonight? While going out to eat is a good standby, and there’s usually at least one good movie playing in theaters, repeating this night after night throughout the year can become dull and monotonous.

On the flip side, New York City is filled to the brim with opportunity – so much so, that you may just be paralyzed by trying to make a decision.

So how do you break out of the rut? We’ve found the 5 best apps for Android to help you navigate local events in NYC, without being overwhelmed by all the options.

I Love NY

I Love NY is the state of New York’s free, official guide to any part of the state, but particularly NYC. Whether you’re looking to find a Broadway play, visit a museum, or even just get out of the hustle and bustle of the city for a day or two, this app will help you do it all.

Time Out New York

Time Out New York for Android allows you to find concert tickets, festivals and other live events, as well as stores and places to eat and drink. You can also create your own “Things I Love” section of your favorite places and events. You can share your favorites through the app, and connect with people who love the same things you do to discover even more events!

Goings On: The New Yorker

Looking for events focused on the arts? Then you’ll want to download Goings On from The New Yorker. Find events by borough and browse picks from editors and critics so you know you’re choosing the best. You can even save events to your phone’s calendar directly from the app. BONUS: listen to audio tours of many hot spots and to make even the simplest day an event of your own!


If you have no trouble finding events, but struggle to find events that are worth going to, try the DoStuff app for Android. From concerts to comedy shows to happy hours, each event on this app is recommended by an actual person so you can find the perfect event for your night.


Never lose a ticket again! Eventbrite helps you discover community events in NYC, but also keeps track of your ticket right in the app. Find everything from concerts to festivals and yoga classes to networking events. The more you use the app, the more personalized the recommendations become. You’ll never miss out on an evening of fun!

All of these apps work flawlessly with the NUU Mobile G3+. In the city that never sleeps and offers so much to do, don’t waste your budget on the branding of other phones. The G3+ offers the same high-tech features and beautiful design at a significantly lower price. With a budget-friendly smartphone that still holds the power to keep you connected, you’ll have plenty left over for tickets to the event of your choice!

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Although we’re already one month into 2019, you can still use your smartphone to help you kick off (or stick with) all those New Year’s resolutions you made a few weeks ago. There are plenty of free apps available in the Google Play store to help you get organized, get in shape and eat healthier in the new year, which are three of the top resolutions people make each year. 

Remember, apps in Google Play are ranked using to keywords the app creator submits to the store. Apps that get the most downloads and the best ratings are listed first. So, we snooped around the Google store recently to compile this list of apps to help you maintain your New Year’s resolutions. 

First, we typed “new year’s resolutions” into the Google Play search bar. Google Keep, an app made by Google, combines a notetaking application with a task manager to help you get through your day smoothly. The app allows you to upload data directly from other Google applications, including your Android smartphone.  

Five more highly-ranked applications that can help organize your life and fulfill your New Year’s resolutions include: 

New Year’s Resolutions: Six Smartphone Apps to Help You Get in Shape in 2019 

We tried “get in shape” as our Google Play search term, but that returned us popular healthy apps as well as fitness apps. When we got more specific, with “fitness” as our search term, we struck workout gold. 

Google has an app, Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking, that lets you track your workouts and monitor your goals. Best of all, the app connects with many devices such as your phone or your watch for automatic data uploads. 

If one of this year’s resolutions is to maintain your fitness, check out these apps. Our search in Google Play also provided us with these five suggestions for popular fitness apps you can use on your Android smartphone: 

New Year’s Resolutions: Six Smartphone Apps to Help You Eat Better in 2019 

We typed “eat healthy” at the Google Play search bar and turned up a bevy of applications designed to help you eat better in 2019. 

Google doesn’t offer an application for healthy eating, but we liked this Calorie Counter app that ranked high in our Fitness search. Just type in the name of the food you’re consuming – or scan the label – and the app tells you how many calories you’ll ingest. Simple and easy, great for quick searches for food details. 

If one of your resolutions is to eat better in 2019, maybe one of these apps can help. The five top-ranked healthy eating applications returned by our Google Play search include: 

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From organizing assignments to finishing homework to getting extra practice in, these apps will make going back to school as easy as 1-2-3.

With the power of a computer in your pocket every day, there is no reason not to take advantage when it comes to school work! High school and college students alike can benefit from using educational apps on Android to not only learn, but learn to the best of your abilities. Whether you need help staying on top of deadlines, finding cost-efficient course materials or a little extra tutoring, there’s an app that can help you.

Get Started, Get Organized

Microsoft Office
Rating: 4.5 stars
Downloads: 500 million

Writing papers, calculating formulas, preparing presentations – no matter the task, Microsoft Office has the program to complete it. Download the app to your Android smartphone to work on the go, in-between classes, and wherever inspiration and great ideas strike.

myHomework Student Planner
Rating: 4.0 stars
Downloads: 1 million

A simple but robust interface ensures that you’ll never miss another homework deadline. Keep track of everything at a glance, receive reminders when assignments are due, and customize themes to make the school year your own. Get the ad-free version for $4.99 per year.

Rating: 4.2 stars
Downloads: 10 thousand

Like the myHomework Student Planner, Studious helps you keep track of assignments by due date and course. In addition, Studious will also silence your phone during class hours, keeping you focused when it matters most.

Microsoft Office Lens
Rating: 4.7 stars
Downloads: 10 million

Take pictures of documents, whiteboards, magazines, and receipts, and then convert them to editable and sharable text. Even if taken from the side of the room, the app will clean up the image to reduce glare and shadows. Save the final product as PDFs, Word Documents, or PowerPoint slides.

Rating: 4.7 stars
Downloads: 50 thousand

Use Chegg to easily rent the books you’ll need for all your courses. You can save up to 90% off the cost of buying textbooks and not be stuck with an Algebra book at the end of the semester. For any books you do end up having to buy, Chegg will gladly take them off your hands when you’re ready to sell.

Get Started, Get Organized

Free Graphing Calculator 2
Rating: 4.1 stars
Downloads: 100 thousand

Graphing calculators are not cheap. If you don’t plan to go into a field that requires constant calculations, but just have one course to meet your graduation requirements, try this app. Graph up to four equations at once, create tables, and complete functions needed for statistics courses using the technology you already have with you every day.

Formulas Lite
Rating: 4.5 stars
Downloads: 100 thousand

There are many apps out there that can help you solve math equations, but very few also cover equations in Physics and Chemistry. Formulas Lite does. Perfect for students trying to finish their general education requirements, this app includes common formulas, a unit convertor, and the periodic table of elements. STEM courses just became a lot less scary.

Merriam Webster Dictionary
Rating: 4.5 stars
Downloads: 10 million

Have you ever spelled a word so wrong that even auto-correct doesn’t know what you meant? Go old school and pull out the latest pocket dictionary – the Merriam Webster Dictionary app. Use the voice search feature to find words that completely stump you. Feel confident in your grammar usage, spelling and overall writing – no internet connection needed.

EasyBib: Citation Generator
Rating: 3.5 stars
Downloads: 100 thousand

Sometimes, finishing an assignment comes down to the wire, but don’t forget to include the bibliography! Use the EasyBib app to easily cite sources for your paper, and add levity and integrity to your work. Just scan the barcode of the back of your source book and boom – one less step stands between you and a completed homework assignment.

A Little Extra Help

Rating: 4.7 stars
Downloads: 50 million

Duolingo promises to help you learn new languages like Spanish, Japanese, Italian and more in just a few minutes a day. The app offers pronunciation help through your phones speaker and microphone, giving you the ability to not only read and comprehend, but also speak a new language fluently. This app is the perfect complement to any language courses you are taking or an alternative when you can’t fit them into your course schedule.

Rating: 4.3 stars
Downloads: 1 billion

Beyond its entertainment purposes, YouTube can be a goldmine for students that are visual learners. Tutorials, from math to book discussions to new technologies, populate the platform and provide the instruction and demonstration needed to learn a new skill or better understand your coursework.

That’s quite a few apps for one phone, but the G3 from NUU Mobile can handle it. And during the month of August, students can take advantage of a special offer. For just $199.99, you can own a brand new G3 Android smartphone from NUU Mobile, NUU Mobile waterproof earbuds, and receive three months of 2GB 4G LTE wireless service from Mint Mobile. That’s a value of more than $300! And with the G3’s expanded screen, dual cameras, and 4 GB of RAM, you’ll get plenty of power and accessories for school, work, and play.

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Android smartphone users may actually already have this app installed on their devices.

Picture this: you’re on the vacation of your dreams. You’ve saved up for a few years and you are finally taking the trip on your bucket list. Everything was a dream: airport security was a breeze, the flight was smooth and the hotel was better than you imagined. When you get back, you reach in your pocket to find your house keys and pull them out… and your phone unexpectedly follows. In an instant, your phone (and memories of your vacation) shatters into pieces

Nearly all of us have been there or know someone who has. For all the convenience that smartphones have brought into our lives, their demise has become that much more devastating. Among the most disappointing events is losing your precious pictures of vacations, children and friends. Now more than ever, it’s extremely important to have a backup (and sometimes a secondary backup) of your pictures as they are nearly impossible to recover once lost.

But for those that take full advantage of having advanced cameras with us at every moment, it can be hard to find large enough photo storage options. Enter Google Photos.

Google Photos

Available via web browser and the Google Photos app, Google Photos used to be a hidden part of Google+. As the company moves further away from that platform, the benefits become more easily accessible to all. To begin using Google Photos, all you need is to set up an account with a Google email address.

How to Upload to Google Photos

If you are using your computer to store your photos, it’s as simple as drag-and-drop from your desktop to the web browser. But many of us have made the switch away from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones.

For mobile users, download the Google Photos app in the Play store. You can either set up an automatic sync or choose another upload option. Android smartphone users may actually already have this app installed on their devices.

When uploading photos, make sure you select “high quality” unless they are from a DSLR camera. This keeps photo storage *unlimited and free, and the photos are still up to 16 MB in size. Videos in 1080p or less can also be stored in Google Photos.

Easier Sorting and Sharing

A unique feature of Google Photos is that it analyzes the photos you have uploaded. Your pictures will appear in the order they have been uploaded, but after your albums have been analyzed, you can use the search bar to find animals, landscapes, etc.

And with your photos stored online, it’s even easier to share with family and friends. Send a link to an album or a single picture through whatever platform you like most: email, social media or messenger services.

Now that you know how to safely and securely store all of your photos, you can snap away to your heart’s delight. But if your phone’s camera isn’t up to snuff, check out the NUU Mobile G3. With dual cameras, a 13 MP front camera and expandable memory, you’ll be shooting like a pro for a fraction of the cost.

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*Free storage at high quality, requires Google account and internet connection.

One of the functions built into the Android operating system is the accessibility feature Google calls TalkBack. This feature helps vision-impaired usersadditional feedback that helps them interact with the device. It gives audible feedback to let you know what is on your screen or what you are touching. This means that the phone will operate differently than most people are accustomed to.

For example, let’s say you want to access the Settings menu. With TalkBack on, you first tap the Settings icon one time. For those who can see the screen, a green box appears around the icon and you hear the phone announce “Settings.” You then must double tap on the icon to enter the Settings menu.

Once you are in the Settings menu you may want to scroll down to access more choices that are not displayed on the screen. Instead of using one finger to simply swipe up or down, you need to place two fingers on the screen in order to swipe.

TalkBack is a wonderful feature for those who need it, but it can be frustrating at first if you don’t know how to operate when it’s turned on.

If your phone inadvertently has TalkBack turned on, just use the tips above (tap/double-tapand two-finger swipe) and navigate to Settings > Accessibility > TalkBack to turn this feature off.

NUU Mobile’s unlocked phones are designed to optimize battery life but following these tips will keep you going longer.

As cell phone batteries improve we tend to find more ways to push the limits in computing power. The batteries get smaller and more powerful, but the applications and components in today’s smartphones have also improved. The screens have more pixels and the colors are more vibrant than ever, the apps and games have become awesome and complex, which drains your phone’s battery at an accelerated pace.

The NUU Mobile team put together some tips for you to get the most out of your phone’s battery life. Follow these suggestions and avoid that pesky low battery notification all day.

  1. Turn off auto-brightness. Although a convenient feature, you will save more battery life by manually brightening the screen when outdoors and dimming when indoors.
  2. Restart your device. Be sure to turn off your phone occasionally—your phone works hard, give it a break.
  3. Turn off app notifications for apps you don’t use on a regular basis. These apps run in the background, taking up battery usage.
  4. See what’s using the most battery. Check out what percentage of your battery is being used by what. If there’s an app or feature that you don’t use often and is taking up a large percentage, consider deleting or turning off.
  5. Reduce polling—by changing the setting the setting from automatic to manual for email, Facebook, Twitter, etc., these mediums will not update when you’re not in the app.
  6. Turn off unnecessary radios—LTE, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth. Each of these settings attempt to locate signals, which can take a lot of battery when you’re not utilizing them.
  7. Keep an eye on your signal strength—if it’s low, turn it off.
  8. Keep your apps up to date. A lot of software and app updates have battery usage reducing benefits built in.
  9. Black wallpaper saves your battery because your phone only lights up the pixels that are there. It takes less energy to light black.
  10. Reducing the screen timeout can dramatically increase your battery life.
  11. Buy a battery specific to your device. Using generic batteries can limit the life of your battery and/or your mobile phone.