NUU Mobile’s flagship smartphone features more than six years of dual SIM and technology expertise, and offers high-end capabilities at a reasonable price

Your unlocked G3 smartphone offers features you usually don’t get from a budget cellphone. From dual-SIM capabilities to advanced security systems to easy international calling, your stylish G3 phone provides you with services typically reserved for much more expensive smartphones.

Technology wise, your G3 smartphone takes advantage of all the bells and whistles available from the Android operating system.

For instance, you can use Google’s Near Field Communications (NFC) features on the phone to transfer payments between Android phones with just a bump. Or send a Bluetooth signal to speakers or other appliances.

Another example: your sleek G3 employs the latest charging technology, to accelerate the rate at which your phone accepts new juice.

We’ve picked five of these high-tech applications in your G3 smartphone to focus on today. Let’s take a look at how you can employ this Google technology, and see how it works.

Technology Advances: Get the Most from Your G3 Smartphone

The Google Android operating system has hundreds of applications already installed. Among the most valuable stock applications are dual SIM-card capability, fingerprint access, facial recognition access, Google NFC technology, and fast-charge technology.

These applications help protect access to your phone, provide you with time-saving applications and allow you to keep your phone fully charged. With these five features on your budget-priced G3 smartphone, you can:

Take a few minutes to explore these five features. Look into getting a second SIM card. Load your fingerprints and your face-photo into your phone. Hook up some wireless speakers. There’s more to the G3 than you might imagine.

Five High Tech Features of the G3 You’ll Love

The G3 pushes the curve when it comes to your expectations for a budge phone. You rarely find all these high-tech features in an unlocked smartphone that sells for less than $200.

The G3’s superfast Octacore processor lets you run these programs without a hitch. No lag at all! Here are five great tech features on the G3 smartphone that you‘ll appreciate:

  1. Dual SIM cards. If you’re dialing internationally on a regular basis, dual SIM cards are a must. Your second SIM slot also can hold a 64MG memory card. The G3’s dual SIM feature is perfect for international travelers and students, allowing you to:
    • Keep two phone numbers
    • Use two different calling plans
    • Travel with a local plan
  2. Facial recognition. Glance at your phone to unlock it. Once you’ve input your face, you just look in the front camera to gain access to your G3.
  3. Fingerprint sensing. Or touch your phone to unlock it. Also has pin, pattern or password capability. Tip: Load fingerprints from both hands, just in case.
  4. Google NFC. Featuring Android Beam for swapping files by bumping phones, this tech lets you pay bills, exchange files and use NFC “tags.”
  5. Fast-charge technology. The G3’s USB-C connector delivers more volts faster than older technologies, so you can charge up in minutes not hours.

Beauty truly meets design with the NUU Mobile G3 smartphone. Take a look, and you’ll find features usually reserved for much more expensive phones.

NUU Mobile specializes in high-quality, budget-friendly smartphones that meet the demands of your life. The G3 unlocked smartphone is the perfect combination of beautiful design and high-quality features, and its shimmering, sapphire blue color instantly becomes a conversation piece every time you use it. To learn more, check it out at

Try these quick tips to make your new phone run at lightning speeds.

Isn’t starting up a new smartphone one of the best feelings? You finally moved from a traditional cell phone to a smartphone or upgraded to a new model, and it runs so quickly and smoothly that you’ll never go back.

But what if you could make it go even faster? There are a few different ways you can optimize the performance of your Android smartphone without sacrificing performance.

Out of the box, your phone will have factory settings that aren’t optimized. These settings are just fine for the general population, but for those requiring speed, we’ll guide you through what to change.

  1. Reduce Animations
    In your phone’s Settings, scroll to the bottom and tap About Device. Find the section labeled Build Number and tap it repeatedly 7 times. Press the back button and you’ll now see Developer Options above the About Device section. Tap Developer Options and find the following: Windows Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animation Duration Scale. From the factory, most of these will be set to 1x; reduce them to 0.5x or turn them off completely if you prefer.
  2. Use Statics Images Rather than Live Options
    The animated Live options for wallpapers and home screens can slow down the performance of your phone. Stick with static images for the fastest processing possible.
  3. Reduce Auto-Sync for Apps
    Go to Setting>Accounts>AutoSync and adjust the settings so that apps only auto-sync when you are using them. For some apps, you may have to go into the app itself, then the app’s settings to change this feature.
  4. Remove and Disable Bloatware (Unused Apps)
    A number of apps will already be installed on your phone straight out the of box. These could have come pre-installed from your carrier or the phone manufacturer, but either way if you don’t need it – toast it. Delete any unwanted apps by going to Settings>Apps, then browsing the list and uninstalling any you may not need. Repeat until all unwanted apps are removed.
  5. Try Lite Versions of Apps
    Speaking of apps, don’t be afraid to install new ones! Facebook, Google, Skype and many other popular apps offer lite versions that are less taxing on your phone’s system. Try these versions to help free up memory and improve the speed of your device.
  6. Enable Data Saver Mode in Google Chrome
    Google Chrome remains the web browser of choice for 90% of Android users. Enabling the data saving mode will speed up your mobile web browsing and help save data for those of you that may have limits on your phone plan. To enable, open the Chrome browser, tap the menu in the upper-right corner, tap Settings, tap Data Saver and toggle the switch in the upper-right corner.

These optimization tips will help any new Android smartphone run even faster, even the NUU Mobile G3. With 64 GB of internal memory (expandable to 128 GB), 4 GB of RAM and a 16nm Octa-core processor, the G3 is already blazing fast out of the box and executes demanding tasks with ease. With the G3, you won’t have to worry about your phone keeping up with the speed of life.

NUU Mobile specializes in budget-friendly smartphones that meet the demands of your life. Check out the full inventory of models to find the new Android smartphone that will fit your lifestyle without breaking the bank.

We all know that owning a smartphone is the equivalent of walking around with a computer in your pocket. And for many, smartphones have given even the most novice of photographers a chance to dabble in the art. That’s why many should be excited about the introduction of dual camera smartphones in many upcoming models.

Smartphone producers are challenging the DSLR photography foothold by introducing dual cameras in smartphones. What is a dual camera? To put it simply, it is a smartphone that has two camera sensors that work in unison to create one image. Usually, the main camera captures the image, and then the second camera helps add complexity to the photo, usually in the form of the depth of field. How these two cameras work together and what features they produce depends heavily on the manufacturer of the phone and the software they have developed.

Portrait mode: focuses on subject and blurs the background.

For years, smartphones have had the same capabilities as many point-and-shoot digital cameras on the market. This has eliminated the need to carry multiple devices and presented the opportunity to capture minute, every day moments. However, SLR cameras have held on, as they provide more advanced photography features, like focusing and aperture settings. That is all changing though as dual cameras become more commonplace.

So why would you want dual cameras in your smartphone? Social media has now established itself in our lives, and what type of content gets the most likes and engagement? High-quality photos and videos.

Whether you’re looking to provide the best content to your followers or just want to send some great photos of your little one to her grandmother, better smartphone cameras help you capture every special moment of your life.

In particular, smartphone cameras:

Surely a phone that takes SLR quality photos would have an SLR price tag? Not necessarily. NUU Mobile offers a price-conscious smartphone, complete with dual cameras, facial recognition, an 18:9 display and other awesome features that won’t blow your rent budget. Available for pre-order at just $199.99, the G3 offers all the features of the latest smartphones and still leaves money in the bank to help create new memories.

NUU Mobile produces budget friendly smartphones without sacrificing features or performance. 

Check out NUU Mobile’s offerings

Let’s start with the basics – what is the screen aspect ratio on a smartphone? The screen aspect ratio is the height of the display screen compared to the width. Until recently, most smart phones have gone with a standard 16:9 screen aspect ratio. Sound familiar? That’s because most widescreen video also follows this same format.

Screen aspect ratio is not the same as display size, though. Actual display size is calculated by measuring diagonally across the screen. Most smartphones these days range from a 5.5” to a 6” display. By adjusting the screen aspect ratio, smartphone producers are able to increase the total display area, without increasing the size of the phone to the point where using it is inconvenient.

Smartphones with 18:9 screen aspect ratios are taller and skinnier than what you may be used to now. However, these small changes bring about big benefits for users.

  1. Better Hand Hold
    If you use your phone often, you may have found yourself frustrated by trying to grip it securely or even reach a particular part of your screen. The narrower design of 18:9 phones allows for a better hand hold – and better usability – without reducing the display size. You’d be surprised by how much of a difference a fraction of an inch makes!
  2. Fit More Content on Screen
    This is for both gamers and multitaskers alike. For those that spend their time building empires or farming plots on their phones, the bigger display allows you to see your enemies quicker or harvest faster. Likewise, for those looking to multitask with Android’s split screen capabilities, the 18:9 ratio offers a better experience than the 16:9.
  3. Easier for Design on the Fly
    From business tasks to the latest social media apps, graphic design projects have never been so common. The larger screen aspect ratio allows designers more room to create and to let their work breathe, increasing productivity (or just frivolous fun!) in every part of your life.

You could spend a month’s rent (or more) on a new phone with an 18:9 ratio. Or you could check out the G3 from NUU Mobile. It’s available for pre-order and will start shipping soon! In addition to a great display and bigger aspect ratio, the G3 also includes dual-rear cameras and an edge-to-edge screen for an amazing viewing experience.

Capture your life in crystal clarity and then replay it all with the G3.

MIAMI, Florida – January 3rd, 2018 – The NUU G3 Android Smartphone – designed to become an extension of yourself, will allow you to communicate and navigate seamlessly with the most advanced technology available. Start up with the touch of a finger as the digital sensor recognizes your fingerprint instantly. VoLTE technology makes sure that your conversation is clear and intelligible. Dual cameras are at your service for close-ups or wide-angle shots. The curved edges and curved glass back are visually pleasing and are comfortable in the palm of your hand. A giant world is out there for you to explore. The incredibly priced NUU G3 Android Smartphone will be your loyal partner to complement and enhance your lifestyle.
Discover the NUU G3 and visit us at our booth #36024 (South Hall) at CES 2018 in Las Vegas on the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th of January.

Special Features of the NUU G3 Android Smartphone

MTK6757: Octa-Core processor
MediaTek Helio P25, a 2.6GHz true Octa-core processor, offers 25% better power efficiency. The 1024MHz Mali-T880 MP2 GPU processor supports 4Kx2K 30FPS video encoding / decoding.
Comes with Android 7 out of the box.

5.7” 18:9 HD+ Screen: 1.1mm bezel
The 5.7”18:9 HD+ display for an immersive experience. The 18:9 screen with rounded corner and virtually no bezel to explore the full viewing experience. Bigger screen and more pixels in a smaller footprint. Perfect for single-handed use.

Dual curved glass design
Curved-edge design and almost bezel-less display defines the outlook for the next generation smartphone.

Dual rear camera
The 13MP + 5MP dual rear cameras with auto-focus and dual flash.
Large aperture for use in low light. Beautifier filters for great selfies. Burst mode.

Optimized Selfie front camera
The 13MP front camera with power flash for low light environments. Fingerprint sensor activates selfie.

4GB RAM and 64GB Memory
Expandable to 256GB.

USB Type-C for quick charges and high speed downloads.

Tap and go with Android Pay(TM) or exchange files with one tap.

Facial Recognition
Unlocking your smartphone has never easier or more secure than it is now with the facial recognition features built into the NUU G3 Android Smartphone. The facial recognition technology studies your facial features to build your own facial map for a true encrypted password that is unique for every individual.

3D fingerprint reading enhances speed and security.

NUU Mobile is the reliable, quality and service-oriented mobile phone brand that consumers can trust to seamlessly integrate communication into their high-speed demanding lifestyle.

NUU G3 will be sold online at as well as other major retailers as,,,

You will love the NUU G3 and the easiest way to discover it is by experiencing its innovative features at our booth #36024 – South Hall at CES, Las Vegas.

Visit us at

Being connected is a must. Smartphones need to be fast and reliable. Market leaders have convinced us that well-designed phones that are truly fast and reliable are only available at the $800+ range; this is simply not true.

The NUU Mobile X5 Smartphone, priced under $200 proves that smartphones can be elegant, big in features and friendly in price

Discover the NUU X5 and visit us at our Suite number 31-225 at the Venetian hotel during the show CES 2018 in Las Vegas on the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th of January.

Look at the big picture with the X5 Smartphone

The NUU X5 has a 5.5-inch screen with true High Definition (400 ppi) producing the best possible viewing experience. The cameras (13MP rear and wide-angle 5MP front) are designed to help capture those important moments as well as everyday events. The panoramic mode will ensure that those amazing skylines and horizons bring back vivid memories of the actual experience. Picture-in-picture mode allows you to record simultaneously with both cameras, now you won’t miss a second of the action and reactions.

Keep up with life’s fast pace

The NUU X5 is everything a savvy consumer needs and wants in a smartphone. The NUU X5 runs Android 7 (Nougat) on a 1.5 GHz 64-bit Octa-core processor and comes with 32GB of storage that can be expanded with a memory card. Plus 3GB of RAM make the X5 Smartphone fast, agile and able to handle the demands of a busy lifestyle. More importantly, the NUU X5 will not leave you hanging! Its long-life and quick charging battery will take you through the long day.

Some features include:

  1. 5.5” FHD Touchscreen
  2. Android 7.0 Nougat
  3. Colors: grey or silver
  4. 2,950 mAh battery
  5. 4G LTE
  6. Fingerprint ID
  7. Rear camera 13 MP, and front camera 5 MP
  8. Bluetooth 4.0
  9. Expandable with micro SD up to 128 GB

Other features include dual SIM slots, Gyroscope, Compass, Proximity, Light sensors, Google Assistant, Miracast, Screen Record, Smart Wake, App Lock and shortcuts to float music/videos, game commands or custom gestures.

Free to explore

Last but not least, the NUU X5 is unlocked. No need for a long-term contract and you can choose your preferred GSM carrier.

The NUU X5 is not a clone, knock-off or rebadge – it’s a unique product designed and manufactured by NUU Mobile, using the best high quality components. The NUU X5 comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

When it comes to getting a new smartphone, a majority of people just stick with buying their phone from carriers. Smartphone technology is still vastly misunderstood or shrouded in mystery to many people, and you could be paying higher prices because of it.

Staying connected shouldn’t break the bank. One of the easiest ways find a budget-friendly phone that works for you is to invest in an unlocked phone so that you choose the contract or pre-paid plan that fits your lifestyle best.

Now, let’s back up and break that down.

What is the difference between a locked and an unlocked phone?

A locked phone has had a lock placed on it by a carrier, which is a very specific bit of software coding. This means that the phone can only be used on that carrier’s specific network. Locked phones can be unlocked, but each carrier has requirements that must be met before they’ll do so. Locked phones are most often associated with contract plans through a specific carrier, and that lock keeps customers from buying a phone for cheaper and moving to another service.

An unlocked phone can be used on different carriers by switching out the SIM card. This works best on GSM networks, like AT&T and T-Mobile, where your fast 4G LTE service will be preserved. Unlocked smartphones are exceptionally handy for international travelers.

Should I go with a contract or pre-paid smartphone plan?

That depends heavily on your lifestyle. It used to be that pre-paid plans couldn’t rival the customer service that carrier contracts offered. That’s not always the case anymore, as unlocked Android smartphone manufacturers have stepped up their service to match top tier smartphone brands.

Contracts, by their very definition, also restrict your choices. Whether it’s your carrier or phone model, you’ll be limited to only what the contract provider chooses to offer. In this way, pre-paid plans can offer quite a bit more freedom.

One of the biggest considerations for many though is finances. Smartphones can be expensive to buy outright. That’s why many people prefer contracts, where they pay for the phone as part of their monthly fee.

However, today many Android smartphones are available at reasonable prices that offer exceptional quality without the fruity price tag. It just takes a bit of searching and knowing which carrier works best in your area to find the right fit for your lifestyle.

Where can I buy an unlocked smartphone?

Unlocked Android smartphones are typically available from three different sources:

Be sure to check the details. For example, paying full price for a phone through a carrier doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily an unlocked smartphone. Only “unlocked” means unlocked.

Looking for the key to unlocked Android smartphones? Check out NUU Mobile’s offerings online or at Best Buy.

Every year, shops and sites mark down thousands of items on Black Friday, but what if there was already a high-quality product that was priced well below the competition every day of the year? Add a Black Friday discount on top of that and you’d be living the dream!

Enter the NUU Mobile X5deals start Nov 23rd at 12:00am. This Android smartphone is perfect for the budget conscious shopper with a techy on their gift list. Released in March 2017, the X5 rivals Apple® and Samsung® smartphones in terms of camera, power and features.

What’s so great about the X5 smartphone Black Friday sale?

With the X5 you get a great camera that is comparable or even better than some of the best phones on the market right now. Your memories from your travels will be captured in stunning quality and saved on the phones 32 GB internal storage.

Moreover, the X5 uses the most advanced version of the Android ™ operating system. A newer system means fewer security flaws, keeping your information safe. In today’s world of frequent cyber attacks, this extra layer of protection is priceless.

Speaking of security, you’ll have peace of mind that the inquisitive people around you will remain that way. The X5 includes a fingerprint scanner, giving it the combo of technical and physical security.

Finally, NUU Mobile offers an unparalleled customer service experience. If you should ever have a problem with your phone, we’ll take care of it quickly and keep you connected. And because we design and build our own phones, we can move the process along quickly, rather than relying on a middle man.

Where can I get an X5?
The best part about the X5 is that there’s no wait. Instead of pre-ordering a new smartphone and waiting months or competing with others just to find it out of stock, take a simpler approach. The X5 can be ordered online through Amazon AND it’s Prime eligible, meaning it’s in your hands faster than you thought possible. If you’re still unsure, head into any retail location of Best Buy to get a real feel for the sleek X5.

Whether you’re shopping for dad, your frequent traveler, your techy friend or your constantly connected child, the X5 and entire line of NUU Mobile smartphones will help you check everyone off your shopping list. Check out more products at

Curious how NUU Mobile’s X5 compares to others on the market?

Feature:Apple iPhone 7®Samsung® Galaxy S7NUU Mobile X5
OSiOS 10Android™,6.0 Marshmallow®Android™ 7.0 Nougat®
Processor2.34 GHz1.6 GHz1.5 GHz
Screen Size4.7”5.1”5.5”
Front Camera7 MP5 MP5 MP
Rear Camera12 MP12 MP13 MP
Battery1960 mAh3600 mAh2950 mAh
Dimensions5.44” x 2.64” x 0.28”5.61” x 2.74” x 0.31”6.02” x 3.01” x 0.31”
Storage32 GB Internal32 GB Internal32 GB Internal

At this point, it’s hard to imagine a time when you had to log onto the internet via dial-up to browse the web, wait days (or weeks!) to talk to someone cross-country, or even copy notes out longhand. But in just a few short years, our expectations of how and how quickly we can communicate have expanded, almost creating an entirely new language (emojis and memes, anyone?)

Smartphone apps especially have changed our lives in numerous ways, and it stretches beyond just our Internet speeds. The Google Play store has more than 3 million apps for Android smartphones, and that number continues to grow, infiltrating both our personal and professional lives in many ways.

Smartphone apps make it easier to find content that interests us: the Discover tab on Instagram, the newsfeed on Pinterest, the trending topics on both Twitter and Facebook. Algorithms sort content based on items you’ve already liked and cater to your preferences, cutting through the noise to present more of the content you want to see.

Moreover, the nature of most smartphone apps allows you to connect with the person behind the content. The world in which we live now contains far less barriers between artists and appreciators.

The best part is – it doesn’t matter where these awesome people are located that are creating the content you love. A few simple taps and you can be connected to someone half a world away just as easily as turning to the person next to you to start a conversation.

Different apps make it easier for smartphone users to find the right medium to express themselves. Pictures, blogs, snapchats and podcasts – even if they contain the same content – reach different people in different ways that resonates with them.

But apps don’t just stay in your personal life. Many bridge the gap between mobile and desktop usage, creating connected offices, improved workflows and office mobility for a growing population that requires flexible workspace.

Paper products are certainly not disappearing any time, but for most paper products there is an equal app (and it likely integrates with other apps you’re using). Planners and calendars, books and notes can all live within an app on your smartphone. The success of smartphones, and in turn paperless organization apps, have made an impact on a world that becomes more concerned every day with pursuing green ways of living.

We are living in an on-demand time period. Apps have contributed to our expectations that the media we consume is available when it fits in our schedule, not the other way around. It’s changing the way we consume news, with newspaper sales declining and television stations struggling with cord-cutters that pursue on-demand options instead.

Owning a smartphone can definitely seem like a luxury to many. Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxies, now into their 8th iterations, continue to carry hefty price tags. But for those that see past name brands, cost is no longer a barrier to those yearning to own a smartphone.

Quality Android smartphones are especially available to the public. With seamless integration to Google Play, the Android app store, and less restrictions on launching apps, budget-friendly smartphones with the same quality performance as those with $800 price tags are available.

NUU Mobile builds budget-friendly smartphones with a focus on matching the performance of leading brands. Explore all NUU Mobiles Android smartphones here.

At this point, it’s a common analogy that owning a smartphone is like walking around with a computer in your pocket. Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that it’s like a technology Swiss army knife though? After all, your phone keeps your contacts, your calendar and provides access to the entire web, our modern day encyclopedia. But most importantly, smartphone cameras have enabled us to capture everyday moments, from the mundane to the extraordinary.

With an advanced camera in the palm of your hand at every moment, will smartphones soon replace compact digital cameras for the average consumer?

The Birth of the Camera Phone

Those that were born in the new Millennium don’t ever remember a time when cell phones weren’t commonplace, let alone cell phones without cameras. The first phone with the capabilities to send a picture message was the Sharp J-SH04, sold only in Japan, in 2000. It had only a 0.11 MP camera!

It took a few years for the rest of the world to catch on to the technology. Sanyo followed with a 0.3 MP camera phone in 2002, and Sprint upped the ante with a 1.3 MP camera phone in 2004. From there, it was off to the races as every major phone brand began to equip their products with bigger and better cameras.

Major Players in the Mobile Phone Camera MP Race

Sony, Samsung and Nokia continued to push the limits of the cameras their systems could handle. But those advancements also produced new problems. More photos need more storage – how would that change the design and impact the operating systems?

That’s why even when the first generation iPhone was released in 2007, it only had a 2 MP rear camera, and no front camera or video recording capabilities. While camera phones were advancing rapidly, cell phone software and hardware itself hadn’t made the same leaps and bounds.

Sharing Photos Today

With photo-centric social platforms, digital albums available at any time and mobile usage far surpassing desktop usage, the next question isn’t how many more megapixels can be fit into a smartphone, but how many do we actually need?

For Facebook, a 1200 pixel photo looks crystal clear on desktop and mobile. The latest iPhone’s Retina Display only has a resolution of 1920×1080. These dimensions and resolutions are well within the current capabilities of Apple and Android smartphones.

Professional photographers typically agree that 12MP is enough for their shooting needs – does the average consumer need much more when images are likely to be viewed at about half a megapixel? Considering images shot at 12 pixels are good enough for 5”x7” and some large format prints, perhaps 41MP is unnecessary for the average consumer.

While there’s no denying that some users require larger cameras, like news reporters, the average consumer can get by just fine with less. Where do your needs fall?

NUU Mobile focuses on building smartphones that match the performance of leading brands and use the most advanced technology, all while keeping costs reasonable. View our products and smartphone camera specifications here.