ROCHESTER, Minn., July 28, 2016| – NUU Mobile, based in Rochester, Minnesota, has recently joined the list of providers who will be supplying mobile phones to the Lifeline program, a federally funded program that helps ensure that low-income consumers also have access to the opportunities and security that phone service provides.

NUU Mobile, will be supplying A1 Android smartphones to the Lifeline program through various Eligible Telecommunications Carriers (ETC). The NUU A1 is everything a consumer needs in a smartphone to stay connected, to family, friends, employers and emergency services with a 4.0” touchscreen, Bluetooth™ technology, 4G network and dual SIM slots. It is also backed with a limited one year warranty. In addition, the A1 is also Google™ Mobile Services certified meaning consumers will also have access to Google apps that will be preloaded onto the phones.

“We are committed to helping consumers of all income levels stay connected and have access to all the benefits of mobile technology and completely support the mission of the FCC’s Lifeline program.”, says Tim Clemens, Sr. VP of NUU Mobile. The A1 was specifically designed for the Lifeline program.

About NUU Mobile

NUU Mobile, a subsidiary of Noetic Inc., is headquartered in Rochester, Minnesota with offices in Miami, London, Hong Kong and Malaysia. The company has been manufacturing and supplying unlocked smartphones since 2012 and have won various awards for its phones such as Top 10 Unlocked Phones of 2015 by PC Mag. The company employs over 3,000 people worldwide with over 250 R&D staff. NUU Mobile phones and accessories are available in major retailers such as Best Buy, Target and Sam’s Club. For more information, please visit

About the Lifeline Program

Since 1985, the Lifeline program has provided a discount on phone service for qualifying low-income consumers to ensure that all Americans have the opportunities and security that phone service brings, including being able to connect to jobs, family and emergency services. Lifeline is part of the Universal Service Fund. The Lifeline program is available to eligible low-income consumers in every state, territory, commonwealth, and on Tribal lands. For more information on the program please visit


Android and Google are trademarks of Google Inc.

Implements Apkudo’s Carrier Pack to Ensure Desired Device Configuration

Washington, DC – June 27, 2016 – Today, Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) announced that Union Wireless (Union) has joined the CCA Device Hub, powered by Apkudo. Additionally, Union has implemented the Carrier Pack capability which allows carriers to manage the configuration of their devices, without the overhead and barrier-to-entry of requiring direct original equipment manufacturer (OEM) software customization.

Union trialed and tested the Carrier Pack technology with device manufacturer NUU Mobile and will distribute devices through YAM Wireless, the sole distributor for NUU Mobile products for the CCA Device Hub.

In a statement, CCA President & CEO Steven K. Berry said, “I am delighted Union Wireless is participating in the CCA Device Hub, which was created by CCA carrier members to help carriers streamline their device portfolios. Both Union and Apkudo are CCA members, and their strategic partnership through the Device Hub is just one of the many ways CCA’s industry development programs can benefit CCA members. Through the Hub and Carrier Pack, participating carriers like Union will be in a unique position to customize their device requirements to better serve their customers’ specific needs and desires. CCA members are deeply committed to providing the very best to their customers, and I am pleased the Hub will help them achieve this important goal.” “The CCA Device Hub and Carrier Pack are very beneficial to CCA member operators,” said Brian Woody, Chief Customer Relations Officer of Union Wireless. “With this platform, we have one place to choose devices, customize settings like APNs, and pre-load apps, and test and certify devices before launch. Providing Union Wireless customers with the best experience is paramount. Through this venture, we can provide an optimized experience for our customers on our network. Having control of the device experience, saves Union Wireless considerable time and resources, it gives us tools we didn’t have before.”

“OEMs are able to launch one generic software version for each device that allows Carrier Pack to provide custom device requirements simultaneously and independently for many carriers,” said Josh Matthews, Co-founder and CEO of Apkudo. “I applaud NUU Mobile for recognizing the efficiency and cost savings this brings to their business and Union Wireless for being the first to embrace this innovative, new technology.”

About CCA

CCA is the nation’s leading association for competitive wireless providers and stakeholders across the United States. The licensed service area of CCA’s nearly 100 carrier members covers 95 percent of the nation. Visit

About Union Wireless

Union Telephone Company, founded in 1914 by John D. Woody, expanded into wireless communication and data services in 1990. The company owns and operates over 1200 transmitters and broadcasts from over 400 locations. With corporate headquarters in Mountain View WY, the company operates 14 retail locations and serves nearly 60,000 subscribers in Wyoming, Northwestern Colorado and parts of Utah, Montana and Idaho covering nearly 130,000 square miles. Union Wireless is regulated by several entities including the Federal Communications Commission, Wyoming Public Service Commission, Utah Public Service Commission and the Colorado Public Utilities Commission.

About Apkudo

Apkudo is a smart device test company that places user experience at the forefront of device testing. Because devices are app platforms, Apkudo has moved beyond traditional pass/fail testing methodology to pioneer new analytics, collaboration, and management methodologies that significantly improves the experience delivered throughout the entire device lifecycle. Visit

A world on the move needs NUU Konnect for secure, low-cost international roaming

ROCHESTER, Minn., June 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — For business travelers tied to their mobile phones, international roaming has long been a torturous experience, and often a very expensive one. Thanks to NUU Mobile, those days are over.

The NUU Konnect, from NUU Mobile, enables seamless local-SIM switching for travelers to over 100 countries

NUU Mobile is now offering its NUU Konnect device, which enables seamless local SIM switching for international travelers to over 100 destination countries. The NUU Mobile vision is no less than a world without telecomm borders.

he NUU Konnect i1 allows the user to connect up to five devices by Wi-Fi (versions 802.11b/g/n), and these devices can then access multiple phone networks from multiple locations, enabled by NUU Mobile’s unique hybrid solution, which can switch automatically between a SIM bank and a multiple network-identity e-SIM, supported by multi-IMSI technology.

The result is low-cost roaming for both voice and data, with minimal set-up requirements based on simple Wi-Fi pairing, and support for multiple devices and form factors. NUU Mobile services include a comprehensive management tool and report, maintained with full service consistency, developed and supported by NUU Mobile’s in-house R&D team.

“The NUU Konnect can be used with any brand or type of mobile device,” explained Danny Sit, CEO at NUU Mobile. “The NUU Konnect automatically selects the fastest networks, delivering optimal service and support for more than 100 destinations. No time-consuming activation or registration procedures are required, making the NUU Konnect the perfect cost-effective roaming device for enterprises and their multi-destination travelers. For those who wish to optimize their productivity, the NUU Konnect is the industry-first, must-have answer.”

NUU Konnect – Optimized network availability

The NUU Konnect’s hybrid solution provides enormously enhanced service availability. Normally, a SIM bank can only provide a fixed amount of connections in a limited number of countries. As a result, when a MiFi device is oversubscribed at times of peak network traffic, travelers might experience service interruption. The NUU Konnect i1’s hybrid design eliminates this type of network latency. It ensures immediate service availability and enables support for quality of service (QoS).

The NUU Konnect i1, a 4G LTE device, is available now. This LTE version supports both normal voice calling, via the PSTN, and SMS. The NUU Konnect i1 enables PSTN voice-call service through the NUU Konnect app, and consequently there is none of the reduction in voice quality typical of VoIP (voice over IP).

In addition, the NUU Konnect i1 offers a virtual private network (VPN) option. Should corporate users wish to increase the access control of their travelers, this VPN option can enhance the level of access security. When this is combined with web-based access control and traffic reporting, the result is a total communications solution for enterprises with employees frequently on the move.

NUU Mobile provides a complete access-control, data-management, QoS and billing infrastructure, which delivers company and personal-usage profiling and billing. In addition, NUU Mobile offers a corporate management tool. Its capabilities include access control, traffic control, and separate billing based on access. Corporate employees can manage it over a web-based administration console.

NUU Mobile’s complete spectrum of customer service includes round-the-clock customer and technical support, staffed by both English and Chinese speaking representatives.

Specifications of NUU Konnect i1

Dimensions:124.6 x 68.6 x 12.6 mm
Battery capacity:3600 mAh
Wi-Fi802.11 b/g/n
PositioningGPS supported
NetworkFDD-LTE: Band 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/17/20
TDD-LTE: Band 39/40/41
WCDMA: Band 1/2/4/5/8
GSM: 850/900/1800/1900
Data interface:Micro-USB v2.0

Learn more about the Nuu Mobile Konnect i1 on Youtube.

About NUU Mobile

NUU Mobile is a designer and manufacturer of smartphones and related accessories, headquartered in both Rochester, Minnesota, and Hong Kong. The NUU Mobile brand was established in 2012, and the NUU Konnect solution was developed in 2015. The company has over 3,000 employees and more than 250 R&D staff. Annual revenues total over US $180 million. In the US, NUU Mobile products are available at major retailers such as Target, Wal-Mart and Best Buy.

Congrats, you’re a part of it now.

A few days ago, we had a Skype call with our friends at Android Authority. We’d been collaborating on a giveaway of our new X4 device — five brand new devices for our fans around the world. After weeks of planning, we were finally ready.

We were excited. Optimistic. And maybe a little nervous.

Our Android Authority friends chuckled.

“Just turn your phone to silent,” they said. “It’s gonna be blowing up all week.”

Boy, was that an understatement.

In just a few days, we’ve gained thousands of fans from across the globe — from the United States to Australia, from India to Brazil, from France to Mozambique. People are excited about the X4’s sleek design and stunning price, and they’re showing their love.

Now, we’re not naïve. We know a lot of these people are just looking for a free phone. We don’t blame them, either — free stuff is awesome. Best of luck, guys!

But many of you, well, it seems like you’re looking for something more. You’re curious about us — who’s this unknown brand that came out of nowhere? Can they be trusted? Are their phones any good?

To make a long story short — you’ve got questions.

And we’re going to try to answer them here.

Who is NUU Mobile?

We’re an international team of engineers, designers, and hardcore Android geeks. We have headquarters in Minnesota (USA) and Hong Kong.

Our offices are sprouting up on five continents — just last year, we opened new branches in London, Tokyo, Miami, Amsterdam, and Jakarta.

Are you guys ‘new’? Haha, get it?

I’m Back by Jelly Dude licensed under CC BY 2.0

Oh yes, we get it. Puns are awesome. We love puns.

But in all seriousness, we’ve been around a while. And we’ve made a nice impression on people so far.

Check out what AndroidGuys had to say about NUU.

Or watch us for yourself on the ‘All About Android’ netcast.

Cool, but how are you different?

Let’s break this down into three parts:

Our phones are guaranteed to be reliable and well-built.

In fairness, this is what every smartphone company says. So let’s get into some specifics.

First, we build all our devices in our own factories. This lets us control every step of the process, from design to testing to final production.

More importantly, it gives us the confidence to offer a two-year warranty on all our smartphones. We know our phones are high-quality, so we’re not afraid to stand behind them.

Our phones are secure and stable.

We know that keeping your personal information safe has never been more important. So we’re working closely with Google to ensure that our devices are Google Mobile Services-certified, which keeps you up-to-date with the latest bug fixes and Android Security Patches.

And we make staying secure easy with our free over-the-air updates (OTAs) — a single tap of your finger keeps your device running smooth and safe.

Our phones help you save money.

Unlocked phones have many benefits, but here’s the biggest one: they’re simply more affordable.

With a NUU Mobile phone, you’re free to pick the best carrier in your area — you don’t have to commit to a long-term contract, or sign up for an expensive subsidy plan that will have you making phone payments for the next two years.

And with devices ranging from $79 to $299, you won’t have to look too hard for a great phone to fit your budget.

NUU Mobile’s Promise to You

We hope we’ve answered some of your biggest questions. But if you’re still curious about us, we’d love to help.

We mean it.


We know that we have to earn your trust. When you’re shopping for a new smartphone, you have hundreds of choices. Some companies may offer fancier specs, some may offer lower prices.

But nobody cares like NUU Mobile. Because, to be honest, we have to — our success depends on your happiness.

So if there’s anything we can do to put a smile on your face, we’ll do it.

Thanks again for joining us — we can’t wait to hear from you!

Ambitious tech startup unveils partnership with NBA’s hottest young team

Nov. 10, 2015 MINNEAPOLIS — NUU Mobile is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Minnesota Timberwolves for the 2015-2016 season.

NUU Mobile, a manufacturer and distributor of unlocked Android™ smartphones, joins forces with the NBA franchise at an intriguing time. The Wolves feature the #1 overall draft picks from the previous two drafts, 2015 Rookie of the Year Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns, the presumptive favorite for this year’s award.

“NUU Mobile and the Timberwolves have a lot in common,” said Janel Nnaji, Director of Branding and Marketing for NUU Mobile. “We’re fresh, dynamic, and full of potential. So there’s a natural partnership here. We both have strong local roots and international appeal. And we have some exciting plans for the future. It’s going to be a great season for the Wolves. All of us at NUU Mobile can’t wait to show our support.”

Launched in 2012, NUU Mobile has steadily expanded across the globe thanks to the popularity of its line of premium-quality, affordably priced smartphones. With partners in Hong Kong and growing distribution networks throughout North and South America, the company is quickly becoming a global leader in the highly competitive smartphone market.

The Timberwolves are also continuing their rise to the ranks of the NBA’s elite. Thanks to the influx of young talent and the return of veterans like Spanish sensation Ricky Rubio and 15-time All Star Kevin Garnett, the franchise is widely considered one of the league’s most promising teams.

As part of the sponsorship agreement, NUU Mobile will provide in-game interactive entertainment during select Timberwolves home games. In addition, NUU Mobile will sponsor free product giveaways during College Night promotions. The smartphone company will also help the Wolves introduce promising new players on social media, including Towns, first-round pick Tyus Jones (a Minnesota native), and European imports Nemanja Bjelica and Damjan Rudez.

Nnaji believes that the partnership will soon reap great rewards for both parties. “As a lifelong Minnesotan and Timberwolves fan, I couldn’t be happier,” she says. “This is the start of something big.”

NUU Mobile is a Minnesota-based company that designs, manufactures, and distributes unlocked Android™ smartphones and accessories. Its products are available in major retailers such as Target, Walmart, and Best Buy. For more information, visit

The Minnesota Timberwolves are a National Basketball Association (NBA) franchise based in Minneapolis, MN. The team was founded in 1989, and is owned by former Minnesota Senate Minority Leader Glen Taylor. The Timberwolves reached the Western Conference Finals in 2004. For more information, visit

We rank the best people, moments, and memories from the #BABBQ15.

All good tech conferences must come to an end. The lights fade, the dust settles, and you’re left with nothing but a swag bag of whimsical tchotchkes and a “There is not enough available storage to ______” warning on your phone. Nostalgia stirs, swift and inevitable.

The pulled pork sandwiches were so thick and meaty they hurt the feelings of local vegans.

The Big Android BBQ 2015 may be over, but its memories will live forever in our hearts. Until next year, at least, when our hearts are upgraded with better memories (more explosions! more robots! more savvy insights about C++ development!). Is it 2016 yet? No? Waiting is the worst.

To help take the edge off, we’ve compiled a #BABBQ15 All-Star list — the juiciest tidbits from the world’s sauciest Android™ convention. Share and enjoy.

Best Real Talk

The BABBQ15 featured a smorgasbord of fascinating presentations. From the high-energy stylings of “App Standby vs. Doze” to the surprisingly lifelike “Building Your VR Sandbox”, there was no shortage of people standing behind podiums.

But the “Anatomy of a Phone Review” fireside chat with Russell Holly and Jerry Hildenbrand was truly sublime, as the two Android Central heavyweights guided listeners through a tour of the phone review sausage factory. When one sanctimonious attendee voiced his contempt for spelling errors, Russell and Jerry were gentle but firm. “We write millions of words a year,” they told the grammar fascist, “so basic math says we’re gonna make a few mistakes.”

Well played, sirs.

This is what pwning review n00bs looks like.

Best Dressed

As one would expect from a gathering of tech developers and smartphone enthusiasts, fashion was at the forefront of the Big Android BBQ. Notables included ticket-taking kid in a kilt and the dozens of convention-goers wearing threadbare Android™ beanies. The undisputed High Lord of Haberdasheries, though, was an IDEAA rep known only as “The Top Hat Guy”, whose vertically prodigious headwear and steampunk aviator’s goggles helped him stand out in a sea of branded polos and khaki shorts.

Best Booth

If anyone tries to tell you that sitting in the Swappa Phone Throne wasn’t his favorite part of the BABBQ15, you call that person a liar. Then you spit in his mead, and steal his wolfskin cloak.

Winter is coming, y’all.

He’s got the beard of a Northman, alright…

Best Swag

Facebook gave out free metallic vacuum flasks at their booth. The flasks were well-designed, easy to use, and highly addictive — many attendees seemed unable to stop drinking from them for more than a few minutes.

Best Food

The pulled pork sandwiches were so thick and meaty they hurt the feelings of local vegans.

Best Drink

Would you believe that Cosmopolitans were the most popular drink at the Big Android BBQ? We didn’t, when we first heard the news. But after multiple confirmed sightings of “a kind of reddish-looking liquor in one of those skinny martini glasses”, it’s hard to remain skeptical. Cosmos über alles.

Best Activity

With so many attractions competing for their attention, some BBQers could be forgiven for feeling a bit overwhelmed. There were, of course, the requisite pool parties and secret coding competitions. But there were also viciously competitive MarioKart tourneys, and — best of all — a giant tricycle race.

If you’re too proud to ride an adult-sized Big Wheel, you’re dead to us.

Zoom. Zoom zoom. Zoom zoom, zoom.

Best Conclusion to a Blog Post

We miss the BABBQ. Is it 2016 yet?

NUU Mobile releases their first Z Series unlocked phone.  The Z8 brings speed and performance to those who want a maximized mobile experience.

NUU Mobile is proud to bring its first flagship phone to market, offering great features such as Lollipop, Android’s™ latest operating system, and a screen size comparable to an iPhone 6 Plus at 5.5”. This device is a part of the Z Series, offering the highest quality phones at a fraction of the cost.

Binge-watch your favorite shows on Netflix on the FHD 1920 x 1080p screen. The screen’s crystal clarity will wow you, and the seamless streaming is a viewing experience to be thrilled about.

The Z8 is available in black and white with a brushed finish giving it a unique texture that you won’t find elsewhere.

Like other NUU Mobile Android™ smartphones, the Z8 offers dual SIMs, expandable storage and removable battery. It has 4G LTE speed and comes in 16 or 32GB. With these storage choices you’ll get to decide which avenue is right for you and there will be no need to conserve storage space by deleting music and pictures and all the things you want.

And did we mention the camera!? The 13MP rear camera with Sony® optics produces breathtaking images that will make your memories last a lifetime. The 8MP front camera can capture any selfie, making sure your Snapchat and Instagram game is on point. The front camera even has a wide angle lens, so when your friends photobomb you, you’ll catch it.

Impress your friends and family with the gesture commands your Z8 is packed with. These fun shortcuts include Tap-to-Wake, Wave-to-Mute, Flip-to-Mute, Shake-to-Light and O-to-Open Camera. While your peers are fumbling clumsily to open their apps and adjust their settings, you’re only a gesture away from what you need.

This Lollipop phone is well suited for the most tech-savvy of people all while being user friendly enough for someone with limited experience using a smartphone. So whether you’re still using a flip phone and making a transition, or you’ve always owned the best of the best, the Z8 is the perfect match for you.

We aspire to bring top-quality phones to consumers looking for the ultimate smartphone experience. We hope that our flagship Z8 phone is exactly what you’re looking for.

Moves highlight the company’s focus on product offerings and customer experience

ROCHESTER, Minn. – July 22, 2015 – NUU Mobile announces the opening of its second Minnesota office in Mendota Heights. They have also hired industry veteran John Murtha as vice president of NUU Mobile, and experienced sales manager Chris Rutherford as vice president, consumer sales.

“As NUU Mobile expands its presence in the unlocked smartphone marketplace, we are committed to aligning our leadership team and geographic location to support continued growth and success,” said Steve Emery, chief executive officer of NUU Mobile. “We are excited to join the Twin Cities business community with the opening of our newest office, and our newest hires will be critically important leaders as NUU Mobile continues to establish our position in this competitive industry.”

Mendota Heights Office

The company is leasing Suite 110 at the Mendota Office Center II, located at 1250 Northland Drive in Mendota Heights. Easily accessed from I-494 and Pilot Knob Road, the business park is centrally located and will allow the company to expand its talent base and reach within the industry.

While the company is headquartered in Rochester, Minn., several employees will work out of the Mendota Heights office, which will also provide closer proximity to the airport for remote sales people located throughout North America.

John Murtha

Murtha brings more than 15 years of experience in mobile phone sales, sales management and account management to his new role at NUU Mobile. Before joining the company, Murtha was director of sales for T-Mobile and Cellular One.

Murtha will be responsible for selling NUU Mobile products to independent sales channels. He will also hire regional sales representatives in key markets including Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Miami and Minneapolis. He will report to the company’s chief executive officer, Steve Emery.

“NUU Mobile is in a vanguard position within the unlocked smartphone marketplace and is defining a new level of product quality for unlocked phone consumers,” said Murtha. “I am excited to help lead such a customer-focused company with incredible potential for future growth.”

Chris Rutherford

Rutherford brings more than 25 years of experience in smartphone sales and account management to his new position at NUU Mobile. Before joining the company, Rutherford was vice president of sales and marketing at Wilson Electronics where he was responsible for strategic and day-to-day leadership of the company’s sales and marketing programs. Rutherford has also held key leadership roles at HoMedics, Imation, Logitech and Creative Labs.

Rutherford will be responsible for selling NUU Mobile products to mass retail sales channels. He also will report to the company’s chief executive officer, Steve Emery.

“I am thrilled to be working with NUU Mobile because this is a company on the rise,” said Rutherford. “NUU Mobile is pioneering a new quality level for unlocked smartphones, and there is incredible potential to provide real value to the consumer base.”

About NUU Mobile

Owned by Noetic Inc., NUU Mobile designs, engineers and manufactures high quality unlocked Android™ smartphones. The company provides an alternative option to rigid, long-term contracts for mobile consumers by offering smartphones with the latest technology, increased flexibility and exceptional quality at more accessible prices. The brand launched in Hong Kong in 2012 and expanded to the United States in 2014, with offices in Rochester and Mendota Heights, Minn., and is currently growing its distribution in North and South America.

Our mobile Android phones are held to rigid quality checks

NUU Mobile designs and manufactures each device for top-quality performance, which means putting each phone through extensive testing to ensure the best possible smartphone experience. NUU offers three different series of phones for five different phones total for a variety of specs, price points and features to choose from.

Value Priced Unlocked Android 5.0 Lollipop Phones with 4G HPSA+

ROCHESTER, Minn. – June 25, 2015 – NUU Mobile launches its fourth unlocked phone today to appeal to cost-conscious consumers who don’t want to compromise features and functionality for connectivity with friends and family. The NU2S is compatible with networks including AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Lyca Mobile, MetroPCS, Net10 Wireless and Straight Talk.

“The NU2S phone addresses a growing entry-level consumer need we didn’t previously offer,” said John Murtha, vice president of sales for NUU Mobile. “The phone is cost-effective, yet still features the technology tools consumers have grown accustomed to – email, streaming music and media, camera and GPS mapping. Like all of our unlocked phones, the NU2S empowers the customer to choose a carrier plan that best fits their lifestyle.”

Pricing and Availability

Value priced at $99.99 MSRP, the NU2S is designed with a black outer shell and is built on the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system.

NUU Mobile unlocked phones are being sold in 165 select Meijer stores throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. The phones will also be available through select online retailers including and

Functionality and Flexibility

The NU2S features HotKnot technology, which allows users to transfer data from phone-to-phone by simply tapping the screens together. Users can share everything from photos to videos, to audio clips, documents and contact information by easily tapping devices. PayPal payments and fund transfers also work well with this technology; and HotKnot allows users to sync smartphones with smartwatches effortlessly.

Equipped with dual SIM card capability, consumers can have two phone numbers on one device, eliminating the need to carry separate phones for work and personal life. The NU2S also boasts 4 GB of internal ROM storage and expandable memory with microSD (up to 32 GB), and a removable lithium-polymer battery.

“The NU2S is an ideal phone for consumers new to smartphones or consumers who simply want a reliable device that allows them the flexibility to stay connected without the hefty price tag,” said Murtha.

Additional NU2S features include:

Clarity and Sharpness

The NU2S features a compact 4.5-inch qHD display with multi-touch screen making the screen ideal for taking photos, viewing emails or texting.

The 2 MP front camera and 5 MP rear camera enable users to capture all of life’s memories. The cameras also feature burst mode, beauty mode, and voice control – which is ideal for selfies.

Customize and Accessorize

Consumers can personalize phones with three colorful interchangeable back covers available in pink, blue and white. The back covers are available online in a set of three for $19.99.

Additional accessories including protective cases and glass screen protectors are also available at Meijer stores and select online retailers.

Warranty and Protection

NUU Mobile phones have a 2-year non-transferable, Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty and the included battery has a 1-year Limited Warranty, both valid from the date of purchase.

To learn more about the NUU Mobile NU2S, visit

About NUU Mobile

Headquartered in Hong Kong and launched in 2012, NUU Mobile designs, engineers and manufactures high quality unlocked Android™ smartphones. The company provides an alternative option to rigid, long-term contracts for mobile consumers by offering smartphones with the latest technology, increased flexibility and exceptional quality at more accessible prices. The brand expanded to the United States in 2014, with offices in Rochester, Minn. and Mendota Heights, Minn., and is currently growing its distribution in North and South America. For more information visit