Now you can upgrade your G3 smartphone to the Android 8.0 Oreo operating system for free with just a few clicks. If you own a G3 smartphone, all you have to do is tap Check for Updates under the Settings function on your phone.

The time it takes to upload your approximately 1.4 GB Over the Air (OTA) update can vary, based upon the speed of your service and other variables.

Upgrading your device to Oreo improves the performance of your G3 smartphone and provides you with new menus and options. Messages are easier to read, applications are accessed easily and updates are delivered smoothly. Best of all, this upgrade comes with absolutely no cost.

Why Oreo is Better than Nougat

You’ll notice how the phone boots-up faster, how apps load quicker. The settings menu has been redesigned to be easier to use, with new categories and subcategories. Otherwise, Oreo appears to the user much the same as Nougat.

Oreo lets you use picture-in-picture to multi-task on your phone while you video chat. The new autofill feature helps you fill out forms faster. Check out these other great improvements you’ll notice once you upgrade to Oreo:

  1. Notifications are improved. Oreo lets you exercise greater control over how notifications are displayed on your smartphone. Now you can snooze them for up to two hours, configure your own delivery schedule and tap interactive “notification dots” that alert you to notifications.
  2. Background activities are limited. Oreo lets you get more operating time out of your battery. In Oreo, an app that’s open in the background will run for only a short time before it’s automatically paused. Once paused, your app moves to an event schedule that pops up to remind you periodically.
  3. Downloadable fonts and adaptive icons are now included. Oreo expands your ability to communicate creatively on your smartphone with new emojis and fonts. At least 60 new emojis are available, and you can customize your own icons.

Finally, you won’t notice it but Oreo contains the foundations for a new security framework called Project Treble. The new security system makes it easier for programmers to provide updates for their applications.

Upgrade Your G3 to Oreo: Here’s How to Do It

Upgrading your G3 smartphone to the Oreo operating system is as easy as answering an update message on your phone.

Before you begin your upgrade, make sure your phone has enough power. Your G3 should be charged above 30% before you begin your download. The update is also quite large, so you may want to connect to a WiFi network rather than relying on your cellular data connection. To download the Android Oreo operating system into your G3 smartphone, just:

  1. Locate the download message on your phone. If you accidentally dismissed this notification or want to manually check for the update, here is what you need to do: Go to Settings > About Phone > Wireless UpdatesThen tap Check for Updates.
  2. Download your new Oreo operating system. Follow the instructions to begin your upgrade. If the message to upgrade has not yet reached your phone, check back in another 24 hours.

Following your software update, your saved fingerprint and face unlock profiles will need to be manually re-registered. To reset please go to Settings > Face Unlock or Fingerprint to register again.

If your home screen icon placements have changed after the update, your cached launcher data will need to be cleared to reset your home screen to the original default position. To do this, please navigate to Settings > Apps & Notifications > App Info > Launcher 3 > Storage > Clear Data. Press OK.

NOTE: For reference after the update, please capture a screenshot of this information (Press volume down + power button simultaneously to save on your G3).

Customer Service Assistance

During the update process, our customer service contact information below will appear on your G3 screen.

NOTE: For reference after the update, you can capture a screen shot of this information (press volume down + power buttons simultaneously to save the screenshot image) or refer to our customer helpline details below.

For additional questions about this software update or your G3 smartphone, call NUU Mobile Customer Service at (844) 688-3365. You can also get in touch with us by email at, or on WhatsApp at (507) 271-6007.  We’re also available on chat at, and you can also contact us on our social media channels:

NUU Mobile, a global manufacturer and supplier of high quality, unlocked smartphones, today announced the relaunch of the new, even better G3 smartphone. The latest version has been upgraded with Android 8.0 Oreo, and is available in two new stunning colors, Ruby Red and Tiger’s Eye Golden Brown. The existing Sapphire Blue version of the G3 now also includes this software. The innovative smartphone is currently available on NUU Mobile’s website and on Amazon for $199.99.

Built with the Android 8.0 Oreo operating system, the G3 provides a faster, more powerful user experience and comes with features like picture-in-picture and autofill to help users seamlessly navigate tasks both for work and for pleasure. Additionally, the G3’s new operating system features stronger security protections and speed improvements that keep users both secure and operating at rapid speeds.

“Our flagship G3 smartphone highlights our continuing commitment to providing high-quality, beautifully-designed products at affordable prices,” said Tim Clemens, NUU Mobile Senior Vice President. “By combining a sleek design with innovative, state-of-the-art features, users no longer have to choose between functionality and affordability with the G3.”

A Special, Limited-Time, Holiday Promotion
NUU Mobile has recently partnered with Mint Mobile, and for a limited time is offering a special holiday season deal exclusively on the NUU Mobile website for smartphone shoppers. Each G3 purchase now includes a Mint Mobile SIM card and three months of complimentary wireless service, including unlimited, talk to all of North America (U.S., Mexico, and Canada), unlimited text, and 5 GB of 4G LTE data per month. This promotional bundle also includes a free upgraded case, and free, FedEx two-day shipping. This exciting, special promotion features a combined savings of more than $85!

“Bringing extraordinary value to the customer is something we push for every day at Mint Mobile. The opportunity to partner with NUU Mobile and create this breakthrough bundle is very exciting. We know it takes something special to get people’s attention during the holiday season and this offer does it hands down,” added Aron North, SVP Marketing & Creative at Mint Mobile.

Additional G3 Features
The NUU Mobile G3 offers 4G LTE and WiFi connectivity, and dual SIM technology that allows the user to switch between two numbers and data plans, a feature that is ideal for international callers and others. It also is equipped with facial recognition and fingertip digital sensor technologies, as well as NFC. With NFC, users can use the G3 to tap and pay for purchases at stores that have tap and pay transaction capabilities.

Compatible with GSM, LTE and WCDMA networks, the G3 is powered by the MediaTek Helio P25 chipset octa-core processor and is designed with the following specifications:

About NUU Mobile
NUU Mobile specializes in high-quality, budget-friendly smartphones that meet the demands of tech- and price-savvy consumers. An unlocked smartphone and dual SIM technology leader since 2012, they are headquartered in Miami and Hong Kong with offices in Minnesota, London, and Indonesia. The company employs over 3,000 people worldwide, with over 250 R&D staff.

The NUU Mobile G3 unlocked smartphone, now powered by Android Oreo, is the perfect combination of beautiful design and high-quality features, and its shimmering color instantly becomes a conversation each time you use it. To learn more about NUU Mobile and the G3, please visit

Disclaimer: Android and Google are registered trademarks of Google Inc.

NUU Mobile, a global manufacturer and supplier of unlocked smartphones, today announced the launch of the new G1. The new unlocked, dual SIM smartphone features a long-lasting battery, and the latest Android operating system, Android Oreo (Go edition). The G1 is currently available on NUU Mobile’s website and on Amazon for $99.99.

For budget-savvy holiday shoppers, NUU Mobile has partnered with Mint Mobile to include a Mint Mobile SIM card and three months of complimentary wireless service, including unlimited talk to all of North America (U.S., Mexico, and Canada), unlimited text and 5 GB of 4G LTE data per month, with each purchase of the G1 smartphone. This limited-time offer also includes a free case, and free, two-day shipping via FedEx. This special promotion is available today through Cyber Monday, November 26th, for only $79.99, exclusively on the NUU Mobile website. That’s combined savings of more than $75 for this Black Friday special!

“Wow. Just look at what you can get for under $100 this holiday season,” said Aron North, SVP Marketing & Creative at Mint Mobile. “Combining the G1 with our premium wireless service is going to make the holidays even happier for a lot of people.”

The G1 provides a powerful user experience, and the new and reimagined Android Go apps offer more storage, better performance, and enhanced data security. Additionally, the 5,000 mAh polymer battery ensures the G1 can run longer than a day, even if users are simultaneously playing games, making calls, texting, shooting videos or taking photos.

“When discussing quality, price and battery life, our new G1 smartphone can’t be beat,” said Tim Clemens, Senior Vice President of NUU Mobile. “With just one charge, users can talk, text, surf, play games, listen to music and snap photographs all day long without ever having to recharge. The phone is not only inexpensive, it is designed to operate faster than before and does everything you expect a mobile phone to do without utilizing all of its resources.”

The G1 is powered by a 1.3 gHz quad-core processor from MediaTek, and also features front-and-back cameras, dual SIM card capability (4G LTE on GSM networks), a 5.7-inch screen with 18:9 resolution, and memory that’s expandable to 64 MB for a premium user experience.

With the G1’s long-lasting battery, users are able to:

The nine applications that come pre-installed in the new Android Go operating system include:

The G1 is compatible with all GSM carriers such as T-Mobile, AT&T and other carriers that operate on those networks. To learn more or to get your own unlocked NUU Mobile G1, click here to visit Amazon, or here to purchase the special holiday bundle deal on

About NUU Mobile
NUU Mobile specializes in high-quality, budget-friendly smartphones that meet the demands of tech- and price-savvy consumers. An unlocked smartphone and dual SIM technology leader since 2012, they are headquartered in Miami and Hong Kong with offices in Minnesota, London, and Indonesia. The company employs over 3,000 people worldwide, with over 250 R&D staff.

To learn more about NUU Mobile and the G1, please visit

Disclaimer: Android and Google are registered trademarks of Google Inc.

Take part in high-definition video calls on super-fast mobile networks using the inexpensive new NUU Mobile G1 smartphone.

The G1 operates on the latest high-speed mobile networks, called 4G LTE. The phone incorporates the latest high-speed video technology to eliminate the signal delays and screen jitters that used to be common on mobile chat.

When you blend a high-speed network with improved video technology, you get fast transmissions and crystal-clear reception. The audio on your G1 also benefits from the same technology, making it seem like you’re speaking with a person sitting right next to you.

The new G1 smartphone combines a slimmed-down operating system with a powerful battery to provide you with all-day connectivity at a bargain price. The recently introduced G1 features:

Take advantage of the latest technological advances in the mobile phone world with the new G1 smartphone, where you’re powered for life on the Go.

Inexpensive G1 Works on 4G LTE Mobile Networks, the Fastest Around

Don’t let the G1’s super-low price fool you. The new G1 smartphone incorporates the latest technology to provide you with everything you need in an unlocked smartphone.

Take network connectivity, for instance. The G1 is designed to operate on the fastest mobile networks available, 4G LTE.

Introduced in 2012, 4G LTE technology began gaining widespread U.S. acceptance just a few years ago. Now, even most networks in foreign countries use or are transitioning to 4G LTE networks. 4G LTE mobile-phone networks offer improved:

Don’t worry, the high-tech G1 works superbly on 3G and 2G networks too. The G1 also connects efficiently to GSM networks. Though you can still make video calls on 3G or GSM networks, the phone’s high-speed features are available only on high-speed networks.

New G1 Smartphone Employs Video over LTE (ViLTE) to Make Video Calls

High-priced phones with ViLTE capability began rolling out late last year. The new video technology appears in the Android Go version of the operating system that was released last year.

The G1 smartphone employs a slimmed-down version of Oreo, an operating system called Go. Go supports both VoLTE and ViLTE, which puts the G1 smartphone on the cutting edge of new transmission technology.

The program couldn’t be easier to use. Just click one of your contacts on the G1, and you’ll see an option for video chat. You also can activate chat through Phone and Android Messaging. Just tap the button to:

With a 5.7-inch screen that features 18:9 resolution, your video chats on the G1 will appear crystal clear. The signal is stabilized for easy viewing on both ends. You’ve never looked so good on video chat!

Speech on the G1 Sounds Great with Voice over LTE (VoLTE) Transmissions

ViLTE is based upon earlier technology for audio, called VoLTE. Two years after the first 4G LTE network was introduced, the first full-featured VoLTE network debuted in Singapore. U.S. mobile networks swiftly adopted the new protocol, which dramatically improved the quality of voice transmissions on LTE networks.

Using VoLTE, 4G LTE networks have more than three times the capacity of 3G networks. VoLTE signals are larger, which improves clarity, and they travel faster than ever before. The implementation of VoLTE technology on 4G LTE networks:

With the introduction of the G1 smartphone, you no longer need to sacrifice performance for price. The affordable G1 provides you with access to the latest technology, including high-speed video chat, on the fastest mobile networks in the world. At a great price.

To learn more, or get your own unlocked NUU Mobile G1, click here on Amazon, or here at

NUU Mobile produces budget-friendly smartphones without sacrificing features or performance. Check out NUU Mobile’s offerings online.

Your new NUU Mobile G3 smartphone features cameras on both the front and the back of the phone. In all, your phone has three camera lenses – one in the front, two in the back. Learn how to use them and you’ll take photos like a pro.

The front camera is perfect for taking selfies and dialing up video chats. There’s a built-in LED selfie flash on the front of your G3 that works automatically when you snap a picture.

Use the dual cameras on the rear of the phone for taking spectacular still photographs. The second rear camera works in concert with the first to produce stunning special effects.

Your affordable G3 smartphone combines high-tech camera technology with a full suite of photo modes for taking professional-style photos. Select one of the five automatic modes, or switch to Professional mode to control all the aspects of your photography by hand.

Three Cameras to Work with on the Affordable G3 Smartphone

The G3 camera combines processing speed with state-of-the art technology to produce stunning visual images.

The front camera takes photos at 13 megapixels (MP). The industry standard for high-powered smartphones is typically 12 MP.

The main rear-camera also delivers 13 MP photos. The secondary rear camera takes shots at 5 MP. More details about the front and rear cameras on the G3 smartphone include:

Choose Your Photo Mode: Multiple Software Filters Available on the G3

The G3’s Android operating system has multiple modes for shooting photos and video. Once you’ve taken your photo, the G3 provides you with editing tools to help you perfect the image.

To access your photo modes, just tap the camera icon. Here’s how to shoot still photos and videos, then edit them:

Still photography. You can take still photos in six different modes on the G3. Tap the camera icon, then hit Options to access:

Video photography.  To switch to video mode, tap the video-camera icon while in camera mode. You can shoot at 30 fps as the default, or slow the camera to 24 fps for a cinematic effect. Film video with the phone held horizontally for best results. The phone light remains on while you video. Like still photography, video is shot in 1080 resolution.

Photo editing. Even the best photos can need a little touch-up. Edit your G3 phots by clicking into Google Photos. Tap the pencil icon to add color-filter effects, or to rotate or crop the image. Your photos never looked so good!

NUU Mobile specializes in high-quality, budget-friendly smartphones that meet the demands of your life. The G3 unlocked smartphone is the perfect combination of beautiful design and high-quality features, and its shimmering, sapphire blue color instantly becomes a conversation piece every time you use it. To learn more, check it out at

For price and battery life, you can’t beat the new G1 smartphone from NUU Mobile. We’ve leveraged a fresh Android operating platform with a powerful new battery to deliver one of the best value phones ever produced.

The new Android Go operating system is remodeled to run smoothly on lesser-priced smartphones. With the software redesign, performance has been enhanced rather than downgraded. Add in a battery that lasts all day on just one charge, and you’ve got a winner for less than $100.

Powered for life on the Go, your G1 lets you:

The new G1 is perfect for the person who hates complications. The inexpensive smartphone connects to LTE networks, letting you transact business at the fastest speeds possible. It does everything you want a mobile phone to do, without burning a hole in your pocket.

With a Battery that Lasts All Day, the New G1 Smartphone is Always Ready

The powerful 5,000 mAh battery in the G1 means you can use it all day on just one charge. Most smartphones that sell for less than $100 feature batteries with less than 3,000 mAh. Those phones last about half as long as the G1.

The G1 is powered by a 1.3 gHz quad-core processor from Media Tec. With extra power-storage capacity and fewer programs drawing energy, your G1 smartphone lets you talk, text, surf, and photograph the whole day without a recharge.

With the G1’s long-lasting battery, you can:

The recently released G1 smartphone also features front-and-back cameras, dual SIM card capability (4G LTE on GSM networks), a 5.7-inch screen with 18:9 resolution, and memory that’s expandable to 64 MB.

Android’s new Go Operating System Powers the Affordable G1 Smartphone

We built the G1 to take advantage of Android’s new slimmed-down operating system for cellphones, called Android™ Oreo™ (Go edition). The operating system is designed to run faster than before while utilizing less resources.

How is that possible? Android has redesigned many applications, stripping them of unnecessary bells and whistles to run quicker. The company also has reduced the amount of pre-loaded applications to ease pressure on the main processor.

Go operates on phones with less than 1 GB of random-access memory (RAM), the space your phone uses to think. Go utilizes half the space of any previous Android operating system, yet it opens applications 15% faster than before.

Nine applications come pre-installed in the new Android Go operating system:

  1. Google Search
  2. Google Play
  3. Google Maps
  4. Google Assistant
  5. Google Files
  6. Gmail
  7. Gboard
  8. You Tube
  9. Chrome

For people who prefer a smartphone with a longer-lasting battery and a lower price, the new G1 is the perfect fit. The G1 runs all day on one charge. The phone’s powerful operating systems delivers crisp photos, videos and images with HD+ clarity. If you’re looking for a simple phone that’s always ready when you are, investigate the new G1 smartphone.

To learn more, or get your own unlocked NUU Mobile G1, click here on Amazon, or here at

NUU Mobile produces budget-friendly smartphones without sacrificing features or performance. Check out NUU Mobile’s offerings online.

Here’s another reason to love your G3 smartphone from NUU Mobile: No bloatware!

Bloatware is bad. We already knew that bloatware ruins your phone’s performance and clutters up your screen. Now recent reports suggest that phones stuffed with bloatware are more likely to find security bugs in their operating-system software.

Bloatware is custom programming, including third-party apps, that phone providers add to the phone’s basic operating system. The more custom programming your phone contains, the more likely it is that you’ll suffer an attack.

The G3 smartphone runs on a near-pure version of the Android operating system. You won’t find any bloatware. The light browser on your G3 phone is the only app we’ve added.

Every company that manufactures an Android phone has to produce its own browser. Rather than cram your phone with useless software, NUU Mobile has designed the G3 for fast downloading and superior performance. There’s no room for bloatware in the G3.

How to Check Your Phone for Bloatware

Ever wonder how the battery on your affordable Android phone runs down so fast? Bloatware. It kills your performance by hogging memory and operating space for games and apps that you’ll never use. Bloatware running in the background just drains your battery.

Other inexpensive phone manufacturers get paid by service providers to pack your phone with bloatware. Bloatware loads your phone with unneeded apps for:

To disable bloatware on an Android phone by hand, go to Settings > Applications. Choose “Disable” for each program you want to cease. You also can use third-party software to eliminate the apps from the root directory of your phone. Be careful: You run the risk of accidentally deleting mission-critical apps when you eliminate bloatware from your phone.

What a hassle. With the super-fast G3, there’s no reason to include third-party software. No need to hide the bloatware from your vision either. That doesn’t help your available storage numbers, anyway.

The bottom line is you don’t need any of it, and you won’t find it on G3 smartphones. Take charge of your phone and load the apps you want and need on your G3.

NUU Mobile specializes in high-quality, budget-friendly smartphones that meet the demands of your life. The G3 unlocked smartphone is the perfect combination of beautiful design and high-quality features, and its shimmering, sapphire blue color instantly becomes a conversation piece every time you use it. To learn more, check it out at

Teams 16 years and older encouraged to apply. Deadline for chance to compete – May 7th

Do you love soccer more than any other sport? Do you belong to a street soccer team?
If so, you’re in for a treat! NUU Mobile has joined forces with the legendary Brazilian soccer star and FC Barcelona ambassador Ronaldinho to host an exhibition tournament aptly named the “Ronaldinho Globe Street Cup”. This year we’re holding the event in the Wynwood area on May 26th and 27th, so you better set that weekend aside on your calendar now. You won’t want to miss the exceedingly rare opportunity to engage with (RGST) the Ronaldinho Globe Street Team!

To enter your team before the May 7th deadline:

Simply submit a video showing off your team’s skills and tell us why you should be picked. All you need is a soccer ball and a video camera to enter. Once all submissions are received, a panel of judges will select eight lucky teams to participate in the Street Cup tournament. That’s right. Only EIGHT lucky street teams will be chosen to battle it out to determine which one comes out on top and gets the unique opportunity to play an exhibition match versus the world-famous RGST. While Ronaldinho won’t be present at the tournament, his legacy is carried out throughout the event designed to foster the budding careers of aspiring street players. You only have until May 7th to submit your entry video and spots are limited, so you better hurry.

To register, visit today!

Come join us even if you don’t play street soccer:
Though the tournament is limited to eight teams, we ask that the public also come and join in on the excitement. Known for craft breweries, great local food, colorful murals and a diversified population, Wynwood is the ideal place to present our tournament showcase. Attendees will be able to familiarize themselves with the best local players while witnessing the inspiring effect soccer has on the mind, body and soul. This sport is all about spreading positivity, challenging one another and doing so with a competitive but friendly manner. Stay with us following the tournament both days for great live music, the best of South Florida food trucks, and drinks.

If you’re a spectator who will be in the Miami area during Memorial Day Weekend, stop by and support these local soccer players. NUU Mobile is incredibly proud to be sponsoring this exclusive tournament and we can’t wait to meet you!

For more information, visit

MIAMI , April 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NUU Mobile, a global manufacturer and supplier of unlocked smartphones, today announced the company will host the Ronaldinho Globe Street Cup, a street soccer tournament to be held in the Wynwood area of Miami on May 26 and 27.

Carefully hand-selected by Brazilian football legend and current FC Barcelona ambassador Ronaldinho, the Ronaldinho Globe Street Team (RGST), in partnership with NUU Mobile, is inviting local teams to apply and submit a video in order to take part in the tournament. Ronaldinho will select 8 teams to participate, but he will not be present at the event.

“Street soccer has a strong following in Miami and has grown to become a global sport,” said Tim Clemens, senior vice president of NUU Mobile. “With no barriers to entry, all you need to play is a soccer ball. This event will not only be an opportunity for local athletes to demonstrate their skills and compete in a friendly tournament, but it also offers the public an incredible opportunity to watch as some of the greatest street soccer players in the world spread positivity and inspiration through the most authentic form of this game.”

RGST competes in various street soccer tournaments around the world, and this will be the team’s first event this year. Ronaldinho’s hand-selected team will represent him in an opening game against a selection of local athletes and will also play the winners of the tournament in the closing game. The team is composed of Edward Van Gils, Randall do Rosario, Orry Promes and Issy Hamdoui. The team’s mission is to challenge the best players around the world while creating a positive social influence in global communities.

To add social impact and inclusive values to these events, NUU Mobile is working in collaboration with RGST athletes, local partners and South Florida youth organizations to develop a “social workshop” that will leave a legacy of inspiration and empowerment through street soccer. The social workshop event and details are currently being finalized.

“Intervention in children in crisis is specifically important to decrease their risk of becoming marginalized,” said Clemens. “In addition to being a great benefit to participants’ physical and mental health, sport and physical activity can be extremely valuable in the context of social inclusion and integration.”

The tournament will offer food trucks, live music and a bar. Local bands, DJs and artists will perform on the NUU Mobile Stage, interacting with the audience before matches, between matches and at the end of each day.

Each team will be composed of four players, one coach and one staff member. Teams can include male and female players. All teams must submit a 30-second video with the four athletes playing together. Teams interested in applying can visit to sign up.

About NUU Mobile

NUU Mobile is headquartered in Miami, Florida; and Hong Kong, with offices in Minnesota, London, Indonesia, and India. The company has manufactured and supplied high-quality, reasonably-priced, unlocked smartphones since 2012, and employs over 3,000 people worldwide with over 250 R&D staff.

As partners in sport, NUU Mobile is proud to present the Ronaldinho Globe Street Cup in Miami’s Wynwood district on May 26-27, 2018. This exciting street soccer youth tournament features the Ronaldinho Globe Street Team, an elite group of soccer stars hand-picked by current Brazilian football legend and FC Barcelona ambassador Ronaldinho. The RGSC also includes various workshops and events aimed at providing a positive social impact for local children in the South Florida community. NUU Mobile believes sports are as inclusive as technology, and that the future can be brighter for our children, who can be inspired through sports by famous athletes.

For more information on this event, visit To learn more about NUU Mobile, please visit

Disclaimer: Android and Google are registered trademarks of Google Inc.

Courtney Richard

MIAMI, Florida – January 3rd, 2018 – The NUU G3 Android Smartphone – designed to become an extension of yourself, will allow you to communicate and navigate seamlessly with the most advanced technology available. Start up with the touch of a finger as the digital sensor recognizes your fingerprint instantly. VoLTE technology makes sure that your conversation is clear and intelligible. Dual cameras are at your service for close-ups or wide-angle shots. The curved edges and curved glass back are visually pleasing and are comfortable in the palm of your hand. A giant world is out there for you to explore. The incredibly priced NUU G3 Android Smartphone will be your loyal partner to complement and enhance your lifestyle.
Discover the NUU G3 and visit us at our booth #36024 (South Hall) at CES 2018 in Las Vegas on the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th of January.

Special Features of the NUU G3 Android Smartphone

MTK6757: Octa-Core processor
MediaTek Helio P25, a 2.6GHz true Octa-core processor, offers 25% better power efficiency. The 1024MHz Mali-T880 MP2 GPU processor supports 4Kx2K 30FPS video encoding / decoding.
Comes with Android 7 out of the box.

5.7” 18:9 HD+ Screen: 1.1mm bezel
The 5.7”18:9 HD+ display for an immersive experience. The 18:9 screen with rounded corner and virtually no bezel to explore the full viewing experience. Bigger screen and more pixels in a smaller footprint. Perfect for single-handed use.

Dual curved glass design
Curved-edge design and almost bezel-less display defines the outlook for the next generation smartphone.

Dual rear camera
The 13MP + 5MP dual rear cameras with auto-focus and dual flash.
Large aperture for use in low light. Beautifier filters for great selfies. Burst mode.

Optimized Selfie front camera
The 13MP front camera with power flash for low light environments. Fingerprint sensor activates selfie.

4GB RAM and 64GB Memory
Expandable to 256GB.

USB Type-C for quick charges and high speed downloads.

Tap and go with Android Pay(TM) or exchange files with one tap.

Facial Recognition
Unlocking your smartphone has never easier or more secure than it is now with the facial recognition features built into the NUU G3 Android Smartphone. The facial recognition technology studies your facial features to build your own facial map for a true encrypted password that is unique for every individual.

3D fingerprint reading enhances speed and security.

NUU Mobile is the reliable, quality and service-oriented mobile phone brand that consumers can trust to seamlessly integrate communication into their high-speed demanding lifestyle.

NUU G3 will be sold online at as well as other major retailers as,,,

You will love the NUU G3 and the easiest way to discover it is by experiencing its innovative features at our booth #36024 – South Hall at CES, Las Vegas.

Visit us at