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The 5to9ers

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Click here to see the A6L-G featured in the 5to9ers videos.

Giving power to those who give more.

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Supporting a lifelong passion.

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When you find the power to keep pushing on, nothing's too big to take on.

Raising a family. Heading to a second job. Going to practice. Taking your paperwork home. Every day, millions of Americans push on through to the other side of the clock, working towards something greater. We call them the 5to9ers. Inspired by real stories of 5to9ers across the country, we've made it our mission to put leading mobile technology in the hands of all those out there who are never ready to call it a day.

The underdog that’s championing smartphone democracy.

NUU Mobile is an American-Hong Kong technology company founded in 2012 with the goal of democratizing mobile technology. Since our inception, we’ve been steadily growing our capabilities in consumer research, product development and distribution to produce beautiful, reliable, premium-quality products that offer similar functionality to much more expensive brands.

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"There are some who can't wait for tomorrow.
And then there are those who won't wait."

- The 5to9ers