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2 YEAR warranty on all smartphones

Z Series

Peak Performance Luxury

Z series

Lightning 4G LTE performance. Dazzling sharp camera. Octa-Core processor and massive amounts of memory. Sleek, smart, sexy — and priced to please. Meet the new Z Series.

X Series

Marvel of Multitasking

X series

Do it all — all at once. Stream at screaming 4G LTE speeds while texting and tweeting. Never ordinary, always affordable. The X Series: built for those who can’t stop/won’t stop.

NU Series

Fun and Functional

NU series

Get back to basics with the N Series. Dual SIMS, dual cameras. HD screens and 4G HSPA+ speeds. You don’t need to spend big to live large.

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Keep It Fresh

NUU Shop

Personalize and protect your phone with top-quality cases and screen protectors. Stockpile extra batteries and memory cards. Rock out with intensely colorful earbuds and Bluetooth speakers.

Experience the Freedom of Choice with our Unlocked Android™ Phones

Our unlocked NUU Mobile phones are compatible with the following mobile networks:

  • AT
  • cricket
  • H2o
  • Lyca
  • Metro
  • net10
  • red
  • Straight
  • Tmobile

*our phones work on GSM network offerings only, please check your local carrier.

NUU Mobile Quality

You can purchase our unlocked Android™ smartphones at any of these fine retailers:

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